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Someone got their clocks cleaned..LOL- Bisping vs. Rothaermel

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Michael Bisping vs. Kristian Rothaermel

Man!!! that canadian guy got romped. He just seemed like a pot smoker who could semi fight. And once he started bleeding from that knee to the head, i think it was over.
Anyone else watch that fight? :dunno:


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Canadian:confused: How about New Orleans.
Charles U Farley said:
Canadian:confused: How about New Orleans.

Yea, you're right :thumbsdown:

Kristian Rothaermel
Light Heavyweight
6'0, 205 lbs.
Age: 33
From: Metairie, LA

Team: Shamrock

Hurricane Katrina was a nightmare for New Orleans resident, Kristian. His father died in the catastrophic storm and most of Kristian’s possessions were destroyed. The 33 year-old stayed in the ravaged Gulf Region to help rebuild homes. Now he is looking to start a new life by joining The Ultimate Fighter 3. Kristian studied English Education at The University of New Orleans. The former high school teacher describes himself as a hunter, thinker, and fisherman. He is an avid reader of everything from Chinese poetry to the classics and received a scholarship in college to study poetry in Prague. At 21 he began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and currently holds a 40-3 professional MMA record. His nickname is “The Weather Underground.”

Status: Eliminated - Episode 4
Kristian was defeated by Michael Bisping in the first round by knockout.


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Kris wasn't an MMA fighter, if you put him in the ring with someone who knows what they're doing, like Ed, the clock gets cleaned out. I'm not saying anything bad about Mike, just that the two guys were both playing the same game and if you're fighting someone with power on the ground then you'll get destroyed.
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