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Hey guys!
We’ve been working out the new training system, Sparrtek, and now since the prototype is ready we want to ask your opinion.
So this is how the training system looks like:

It’s specially made for people who’re in martial arts, for using it at home.
The main trick is that the machine gives you punches and kicks on speed that you can fix according to your own parameters, and preferences. We don’t know any analogues ever existed so the Sparrtek is considered to be the first feedback action system.
You can see two front arms to perform jabs, two high side arms to hit the head and two low side arms to hit the torso.
In front of you, there will be a man torso shaped heavy bag, very similar to the Century Bob, but better. We’re trying to find the better cover for not hurting the skin on knuckles.
All the parameters (height, arms disposition, speed etc) are adjustable.
The lowest price we can afford taking in account the complicated mechanism inside is about 1500$.
Now what are your ideas about that?
We terribly need opinion of experienced stagers :)
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