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Hey guys,

I'm trying to start up a new fight gear company that specializes in boxing and eventually mma equipment.

I've been looking through the forums to see some of your thoughts on a bunch of different gear and have got lots of great ideas from what I've read already.

The first product I'm looking to design is a training boxing glove, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys on what you want to see in a glove.

I came up with a few questions that I really wanted to get opinions on, but any other comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Basically my goal is to provide a high quality glove (and gear) with end consumer, which is most of you guys, in mind. Hopefully you guys can help me in really figuring out exactly what u guys like or dislike in the equipment u guys buy.

Thanks in advance guys

ps. I know I have a lot of questions but you dont have to answer em all :thumb02:


1. What does "training gloves" mean to you?

2. When you first receive boxing gloves, what are some things that you immediately notice?

3. When you first put on some gloves, what are some things that you immediately notice?

4. What features did you like best from the training gloves you have owned previously?

5. What features did you think could improve on training gloves you have owned previously?

6. What features do you think are needed but for some reason no-one seems to provide?

7. In terms of materials, do you prefer, and why:

exterior: cowhide or goat leather?
exterior: leather wrist contact or some synthetic material?

interior: nylon taffetta lining or leather lining
interior: anti-bacterial or not? do you feel anti-bacterial linings reduce smell?

stitching: materials
stitching: single/double, etc

padding: any company you like that does this best in your perspective? why?
padding: if on the scale of padding cleto reyes was 0 and winning was 10, what would you like?
padding: What material padding do u prefer most? Polyeurathane? PVC? other?

8. In terms of functionality, do you prefer, and why?
a) hook and loop vs lace up
b) thumbs attached at top to finger area or not?
c) how far should your palm be able to open? (10 is completely open, 0 is fist form)
d) would you prefer more padding around the wrist or on your knuckles?

9. In terms of availability / handling:
a) what are you're biggest pet peeves?
b) what shipping method have you found to be most reliable?
c) what shipping method have you found to be most damage-free?
d) when you want to order something, how long are you willing to wait (1wk, 2wk, 1mo)

10. In general what are the things that makes you fall in love with a glove and what are things that really put you off?

11. any other comments?
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