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Stack by Split Dec.

Round 1 - Referee Kim Winslow in charge of the night's first preliminary bout. Dancing early, and Burnsed misses with a kick Burnsed shoots in, but Stack shrugs it off. Few feignts from both fighters Burnsed lands a nice right hand that pops Stack's head back. Stack returns fire, and a stiff leg kick thuds home. Burnsed shoots in successfully, but Stack scrambles up and pushes the action against the cage. Stack pressing in and delivers a few knees. Burnsed throws a few shots to the ribs as he tries to defend. Stack switches to a body lock. Few knees traded inside, but it's largely a stalemate. Winslow calls for the restart. Nice left from Stack scores. Stacks kicks high but eats a counter. Burnsed fires off a kick, but Stack shoots in and scores a takedown. Burnsed tries to roll for a triangle underneath, but he settles back into guard. Scramble back to the feet. Stack shoots in again successfully. Stack controls the position, but Burnsed rolls for an armbar at the bell. No time as the round ends. Burnsed had nice action late, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Stack, 10-9.

Round 2 - Stack kicks low, but Burnsed pops him with a right that drops him. Burnsed follows to the floor, but Stack gathers his wits and works to the top. Burnsed again rolling for the armbar. It's not there, and the fighters stand. Burnsed works for a guillotine on the feet and falls back, but he doesn't have it. He releases and scrambles, but Stack uses the opening to drive forward into top position again. Scramble back up again, and it's Stack pushing forward against the cage. Burnsed tries to work free, but Stack trips him to the floor. Burnsed back to his feet, but Stack wants it on the ground. He can't get it there. Burnsed sprawls and moves to the back. As he steps over for the hook, Stack rolls to is side. Burnsed takes half-mount and looks to have a side choke locked in. As he flattens Stack, he lets it go. Full mount, and Burnsed is in control of a winded Stack. Burnsed tries again for the arm-triangle, but the bell saves Stack. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Burnsed, 10-9.

Round 3 - Touch of gloves to open the final frame. Stack takes the center and scores with a hook. Burnsed bouncing, but both guys look tired. Spinning kick from Stack comes up short. Stack misses a high kick but shoots immediately afterward. Burnsed reverses on the way down and takes top position. Half-mount for Burnsed. Stack scrambles underneath as Burnsed tries to pass, and he keeps half-guard. Burnsed passes the guard, and Stack gives up the back. Burnsed tries to work in his hooks, and Stack sweeps to top. Burnsed secures the left arm and tries to finish with an armbar, but Stack defends it. Burnsed lets go and stands. Stack follows, and he eats a jab. Stack shoots in softly, and Burnsed grabs a guillotine choke. Stack scrambles out and Burnsed tries to take back but he's too high and falls over. He's forced to pull guard. Stack on top, and Burnsed's head against the cage. Burnsed kicks off and stands. Stack shoots a single, but he's got nothing in the gas tank. Burnsed tries a guillotine, but he lets it go as he falls to the back. Stack throws a few tired punches from top in the closing seconds. Could be an interesting score depending on what the judges value, but MMAjunkie.com sees Burnsed as the active fighter and awards him the round, 10-9, and the fight, 29-28. Bobby Stack def. Derrick Burnsed via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28).
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