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Akano submits Damm in the 2nd:

Round 1 - Damm with an early high kick. Akano rushes in, but Damm spins to the back and takes the fight down. Akano rolls quickly to sweep, but Damm shows her grappling prowess as she rolls through as well and moves to top position. One minute in, and Akano works a closed guard. Damm keeps her posture low and lands a few shots to the ribs. Akano opens the guard and looks to work her legs up for a submission. Damm stays clear of the attempts and lands a nice right hand. Referee calls for a standup. Front kicks exchanged. Akano clinches up and lands a sweet toss to the floor. Damm rolls alertly to the back. Akano tries for a footlock, but she lets it go when she hears the 10-second whistle. Round ends there. Nice finish from Akano, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Damm, 10-9.

Round 2 - Trading early, and Damm lands a spinning backfist. Clinch, and Akano trips Damm to the floor. Akano in half-mount with one minute left. Akano is very high, and Damm comes out the back. Akano transitions immediately into a triangle choke and then an omo plata. Damm escapes the trouble and moves to the top. Akano fires up her legs for a sweep and locks in an armbar. Damm bucks, but Akano rolls up top and keeps the hold in. Damm is trapped, and she's forced to tap.
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