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Diesel gets the tap to strikes in the 3rd:

Round 1 - Patient start by both. Taylor holds the center. Taylor misses a jab and connects with two kicks to the body. Riggs gets a quick single-leg, but Taylor pops up and pushes Riggs into the fence. Riggs looks hesitant to throw early. Taylor gets a takedown, and Riggs sets up in guard. Riggs secures the wrists and starts looking for an armbar. But there, but Taylor pulls away and returns to the feet. Riggs misses a Superman punch. Still tentative on the feet from both. Riggs does land a straight left. Taylor tosses a few kicks out, but they're more searching than anything. Right hand from Taylor. One minute left. Pace quickens a little, but still not frantic. Into the clinch, and Riggs lands a few knees. Round ends, and not too much between the two, but MMAjunkie.com favors Taylor slightly, 10-9.

Round 2 - Early break as Taylor doesn't have his mouthpiece. Taylor takes the center on the restart. Riggs works in a low kick and moves away. Riggs lands a superman punch. Taylor throwing wide shots, but they're blocked. Taylor mixing up the strikes, and an uppercut lands. Riggs looks to be waiting on a homerun shot. Taylor shoots in, and Riggs shoves it off. Riggs counters over a low kick. Halfway in. Taylor fires off a series of strikes, but they largely miss as Riggs shows nice head movement. Taylor into the clinch, but neither can set a dominant position. Taylor starting to loosen up a bit, though he has yet to score big. Taylor shoots in and gets the takedown and moves into half-mount. Riggs bucking underneath, and Taylor offering only a few short punches from the top. Taylor staying firm on top, and the round ends there. Again, not much between the two. Even the takedown yielded very little. MMAjunkie.com likes Riggs in the round on the early striking, 10-9, but the takedown may complicate things.

Round 3 - Could be anyone's fight as the third opens Taylor very loose, and he eats a big left hand. Taylor tries to clinch up after being obviously wobbled. Riggs overpowers him and moves to top position. Taylor underneath in half-guard, and he's against the cage. Riggs advances into a crucifix position and starts firing short lefts to the face. Taylor is trapped and bloodied, and he taps to the blows. Joe Riggs def. Louis Taylor via submission (punches) - Round 3, 2:07.
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