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Kaufman knocks her out in the 3rd:

Round 1 - Modafferi immediately rushes in and the two clinch up. Kaufman secures a bodylock, though Modafferi spins in the clinch as they jockey for position. Both fighters scrambling in the clinch. Modafferi finally earns a trip, but Kaufman immediately backs up to the cage and works to a knee. Modafferi presses in and prevents Kaufman from escaping, and Kaufman is forced to pull guard. Kaufman tying up well from the bottom, and the referee calls for action before resetting the fight. Kaufman jabs on the restart. Modafferi misses a spinning kick, though she's able to work inside. Modafferi looks for the inside leg trip again, but Kaufman has her balance. Modafferi shoots, but Kaufman remains standing. Fight neutral in the clinch as time expires in the first. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Modafferi, 10-9.

Round 2 - More distance to start this frame. Kaufman works in straight shots. A flurry rocks Modafferi, though she shoots in. Kaufman just shrugs it off. Modafferi clinching again, but Kaufman looks stronger inside. Modafferi continues to look for the trip, but Kaufman pushes away and fires powerful shots up the middle. Modafferi jumps guard, but Kaufman presses against the cage and forces Modafferi to release. Modafferi again tries the trip, but Kaufman remains posted and stays on he feet. Knees traded inside. Kaufman grabs a Thai clinch and delivers the better shots. Modafferi answering back with a few shots. Body lock and Modafferi tries to trip but winds up on the bottom. They both pop up. Kaufman overpowering Modafferi in the clinch, though Modafferi continues to work for a good position. More knees from Kaufman. Kaufman pulls away and unleashes with left and right hands. Modafferi stays up, but the shots connected. Round ends, and MMAjunkie.com sees it for Kaufman, 10-9.

Round 3 - More distance to open, and Kaufman does land a few straight shots. Modafferi fires back and the fighters return to the familiar clinch. Modafferi earns another trip and she sets up on top. Kaufman with a closed guard underneath, and she's looking to stall from the bottom. Kaufman releases and tries to attack the leg, but Modafferi pulls free and works on passing the guard from her feet. Kaufman fires upkicks and creates enough space to stand. Kaufman in the clinch, and time is called to address some loose tape on Kaufman's glove. Modafferi leads with a Superman punch. Kaufman lands a 1-2. Jabs land, and a straight right connects. Modafferi shoots. Kaufman still up and presses Modafferi to the cage. Thai clinches from both. Traded knees inside. Modafferi pulls guard and hits the deck. Modafferi looks to attack the arm, but Kaufman elevates and drops her foe with a powerbomb. Modafferi is out in a stunning finish.
Sarah Kaufman def. Roxanne Modafferi via knockout (slam) - Round 3, 4:45.

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