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Ouch, Cyborg 2nd round tko:

Round 1 - Referee Kim Wonslow in charge of tonight's 145-pound title fight. Finney jabs, early, but Santos wins several hard shots that find their mark. Santos pushes forward into the clinch. Finnet against the cage. Knees inside from Santos. They break and return to the center. Jab lands for Santos.FInne fires back, but Santos lands a flurry that drops her. Finney shows heart and scrambles back up. Santos pushes into the cage and throws knees inside. Left lands for Santos. A 1-2 lands and Finney drops. Santos fires shots to the downed foe, but Finney grabs onto a leg. Santos pulls free. Jab for Santos. Another three punch combination. FInney drops, and Santos punishes her with knees to the body. Halfway through. Santos firing punches to a turtled Finney. Winslow stops the action to call for a point deduction on Santos for shots to the back of the head. Didn't apperaer too flagrant. FIrefight on the restart. Santos takes one to give two and moves into the clinch again. Santos backs way and peppers Finney with hard straights. Finney drops again.Punches from th top from Santos, and she back away. Finney desn't, but Winslow is curiously morbid as she watches. Finney turtles and reaches occasionally for a leg. More shots from Santos, and for some reason this is going to a second. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Santos, 9-8, though one could make a case for a 9-7.

Round 2 - Finney comes out firing, but Santos backs away and starts again. High kick for Santos. More straight punches. Finney goes to her knees, and Santos lands more blows. Finney drops to her back. Finney in survival mode as Santos moves on top. Finney has ceased to attack at this point. Finney grabs a leg, but Santos just backs away. Finney fires a few hard shots on the restart, but Santos just continues the assault. Finney is all heart, but her face is battered. Santos lands another three-punch combination and moves into the clinch. Not enough action for Winslow, who calls for a restart. Left stagers Finney. Santos just blasting away with giant shots, and a knee finally drops the courageous Finney. Winslow "rushes" in, and Finney is tapping at the same time. Far, far too long. Great performance by Santos, great heart by Finney. Cruel outing from Winslow. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos def. Jan Finney via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 2:56.
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