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Medeiros by 2nd round KO:

Round 1 - Referee Jason Herzog calls the action. Joseph open with a nice low kick. Medeiros pushes in, but Joseph tags him with a flurry, Medeiros firm in the pickets, and he lands a Superman punch. Medeiros firing off heavy shots, but Joseph swinging back with his back to the cage. Joseph seems to be getting the best of the early attacks. Into the clinch, and Joseph pushing in. He backs away and scores with a right as he leaves. Medeiros lands a left to the body, and he's stalking. Joseph comfortable countering. Medeiros lands a left that wobbles Joseph. Now Medeiros finding range,Joseph moves forward but misses. Medeiros kicks to the body. Joseph moving laterally, and he lands a low kick. Medeiros just misses a spinning hook kick. Medeiros to the body and just misses up top. Joseph lands a nice low kick and moves away, traded shits, Medeiros with a jab. Medeiros with a front kick in the closing seconds and a knee up the middle as Joseph shoots. Close first round with action by both, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Medeiros, 10-9.

Round 2 - Joseph again comfortable retreating. He charges forward with a flurry that Medeiros evades. Jab for Medeiros followed by a 1-2. Medeiros with an outside low kick. Medeiros lands a left that wobbles Joseph. Joseph retreats, and Medeiros lands another straight that sends Joseph to the floor. One shot from the standing Medeiros, and Herzog is forced to make the stoppage. Yancey Medeiros def. Gareth Joseph via knockout (punches) - Round 2, 1:19.
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