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SD for Noons:

Round 1 - Herb Dean oversees the first televised bout of the evening, a 160-pound scrap. Heun comes right after Nooons but is showed aside. He follow with a combo that's blocked. IN the second charge, he locks up and looks for the takedown but settles for a knee. Another charge and he meets an uppercut. Noons gets caught with a punch. Heun misses another takedown attempt. Heun with a jab. Noons misses with an uppercut. Noon attempting to snipe at Heun as the grappler closes distance. He's getting a few shots in here and there. A jab lands. Heun with a body kick. Huen lands a counter hook in close. Huen tags Noons with a few punches, but he eats a counter that staggers him. Noon misses on high kick follow-up. Heun with a winging hook. Heun's left eye is bloodied. Heun ducks under punches and gets the action to the mat. In the ensuing scramble, he takes Noons' back and works to secure the choke. He transitions to mount and wails on Noons with his left hand. Noons is floundering on the mat. Noons rolls again and retakes half-guard, but Heun is all over him and quickly retakes mount. Noons rolls to his stomach and attempts to buck. Heun is schooling him on the mat. But all of a sudden, Noons escapes the position and rights himself for a huge ovation. When he does, he corks Heun with a punch at the bell. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for Heun.

Round 2 - Noons digs a body shot to the oncoming Noons. Noons punches as Heun goes high with a kick. Noons lands a combo. Heun misses with jabs. The two trade punches. Noons with another body shots. Noons meets Heun's high kick with a punch. Huen misses with another high kick. Noons misses with a few jabs. Noons with a left hook. Neun locks in a clinch but can't do anything with it. Noons with a leaping knee that's blocked. Heun nearly sweeps Noons off his feet with a kick. Noons lands combos as Heun closes distance. Heun waves him in. Noons repays high kick with punch. Heun with a jab. Noons digging the body. Heun with a jab. The two trade hard hooks. It looks like Heun is hurt, but he tags Noons with a shot of his own, and a slugfest has broken out. Heun scoots for a takedown-no dice. Heun misses with a glancing knee. Noons with another body shot. Heun with a jab. Heun eats a jab but lands a knee to Noon's face. Noons with a good left hook. Noons eats an inside leg kick and Heun gets it to the mat at the close of the round. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for Noons.

Round 3 - Heun leads with a punch high kick combo, but Noons stays in there and attempts to return fire. Heun lands in close with an uppercut and nearly gets a follow up high kick. Noons with a front kick. Heun back with a body kick. Noons launches knee, but Heun charges back with a kick. The two trade leather and both take big shots. Noons works the body, then lands a couple of good follow up punches. But Heun just won't stop coming: he returns everything with exchanges of his own. Not all of them land, but Noons knows he's not going down. The two clash heads after missing on an exchange. Heun with a nice lunging knee. Heun misses a dive for a takedown. He's showing the results of the slugfest. His face is bloodied. He briefly gets Noons down, but the former boxer escapes easily and walks away. They trade jabs. Heun misses with a big punch. Noons attacking the body relentlessly. Heun misses on a takedown. Noons catches a few big shots. Heun stalls after pitching forward, but Noons doesn't pursue. After a failed takedown, Heun nearly misses on a lunging cross. Noons lands a big right hand. He's got Heun wobbling at center cage. But when he charges in to finish, he meets a punch, and can't finish the fight before the bell rings. It's a close one, but MMAjunkie.com scores the bout 10-9 for Noons. KJ Noons def. Conor Heun via split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28 Heun, 29-28 Noons, 29-28 Noons.
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