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Late submission in the 3rd by Thomson:

Round 1 - Referee "Big" John McCarthy in the cage for the night's first televised contest. Crowd firmly behind the local fighter Thomson. Healy ties up early, though Thomson backs away. Thomson with the surprising early takedown, though Healy pops up and pushes him to the cage. Thomson with a bodylock and his back to the cage. Few knees traded inside as the fighters jockey for position. Healy ducks down for a single, but Thomson alertly steps over and takes the back. Thomson attacks the right arm and rolls off for an armbar attempt. Healy deftly steps over and relieves the pressure, but Thomson will not relent. It's a triangle choke attempt from the side. Healy finally pulls the arm free, and Thomson backs up to the cage and stands. Healy on the back, and he elevates Thomson and slams him to the floor. Healy on the back with both hooks in, and he looks briefly for a rear-naked choke, though Thomson scrambles away and tries immediately for a kneebar. He lets go, and the pair returns to the feet. Healy moves in for a clinch and tries a trip, but it's Thomson who ends up on top. The round ends there. Entertaining and perhaps surprising dispaly of grappling. MMAjunkie.com sees a fun round for Thomson, 10-9.

Round 2 - Thomson with a nice left hand and a low kick. Another low kick scores. Healy drives in and slams Thomson to the floor. Thomson tries to stand, and Healy moves to the back. Hooks in, but he's shifted to the side. Thomson can't wiggle free though, and Healy settles into a better position. Healy tries to flatter Thomson, but he pulls a leg free and rolls to his back. Healy in half-mount. Thomson works into guard, but Healy quickly advances to left-side half-mount. Left hands from the top. Thomson stands, but Healy slams him down again. Thomson fires an upkick an catches Healy in a near-triangke. Healy wiggles out and looks for a kneebar. Thomson fires elbows to the body ind efense. Scramble out, and Thomson again rolls for and armbar. It's tight momentarily, but Healy spins out and returns to top position. Healy throws a few soft shots from the top. He advances to half-mount, but the round ends there. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Healy, 10-9.

Round 3 - Healy moves forward, though Thomson hits him with a few snapping right hands. Healy shoots in, but Thomson sprawls and moves away. Healy moving forward but eats another right from Thomson. A left scores, too. Thomson lands a front kick that Healy can't catch. Healy moves into the clinch, but Thomson spins away. Healy throwing his hands, but Thomson countering well. Healy to the body. Thomson snaps his head back. Healy lands a left. Healy jabs into a clinch two minutes in. Thomson slips away, and he wants to strike. Healy stays the aggressor, and he returns to the clinch behind a few jabs. Thomson tries to slip away, but Healy takes him down. Healy slips to the back, but he falls off the top as Thomson ducks out the back door. Thomson transitions to side and then looks for the back. Healy on his knees. Healy stands, and Thomson has a figure-four on the body. Healy tries to slam forward, but Thomson gets the left arm under for the choke. Thomson a little to the side, and Healy is gutting it out. Thomson squeezes and squeezes, but Healy doesn't want to give up. Thomson unrelenting with the bodylock in place, and Healy is finally forced to relent. Crowd goes nuts. Josh Thomson def. Pat Healy via submission (rear-naked choke) - Round 3, 4:27.
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