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1.) Ikuhisa Minowa (Champion)
No question Minowa is the Superhulk (Superhluk) number one fighter.

2.) Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Finishing 2nd place, Soko still retails his number two place for now.

3.) Jimmy Ambriz
The man has given Minowa his toughest fight as the Superhulk champ, and is currently waiting for another opponent.

4.) Hong Man Choi
Hard to not put Choi in the top 5. He rallied off a win in the tournament for the belt. Hopefully he gets another fight soon, maybe at Dream 15.

5.) Bob Sapp
After his two defeats in superhluk, Sapp has rallied off some wins to stay relevant. He will be back to his superhulk ways, and take his chair (recliner) as a usual superhluk fighter.

6.) Mighty Moe
After getting sat on by josh barnett, Moe is ready to start his Superhulk run.

7.) Mousasi
Has to be on the list with his one Superhulk win. Though, he ducked the rest of the tournament and drops to number 7.

8.) Mark Hunt
Still is waiting for an officially sanctioned superhluk fight.

9.) Taiei Kin
Still waiting for an official Super hluk fight

10.) Hiroshi Izumi


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