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This is the appreciation thread of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira! If you like him reply in this thread and if you think hes going to beat anyone or win anything reply in here!

I think Nogueira will beat Barnett by decision and go on to fight Crocop in a rematch in the finals and win the grand prix. This is his year. Then at Shockwave 2006 against Fedor he will lose to him for the third time by decision IMO but I hope he wins since he rocks!

He is the worlds best at submissions and grappling. No one can submit opponents or attempt as much as Nogueira does! Royce Gracie couldn't neither can Fedor IMO. He is also a very good boxer and striker like Fedor admitted at PRIDE 25- Body Blow.

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If I was a fighter I would be afraid to fight Nogeuira.The guy is scary, his expression never changes, he doesn't gas out, his submissions are phenomenal and he can knock you out standing up. He is the only fighter besides Fedor that does not really have any weak parts of his game. If he jumped to the UFC he would own every heavyweight there. The only one he won;t own in Pride is Fedor.
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