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VANCOUVER, Britsh Columbia – It won't come as much of a surprise, and he knows there's no such thing as a "last chance," but David Loiseau's latest UFC stint is likely to end after one fight.

Loiseau, a popular French-Canadian fighter and former top UFC middleweight contender, fought his way back to the organization for a spot on Saturday's UFC 115 card.

But following a loss to Mario Miranda – one in which Loiseau's limited ground skills again were exploited – UFC president Dana White predicted a contract termination is likely.

"David's been in this sport a long time, and again tonight he got dominated on the ground," White said following Loiseau's preliminary-card bout at GM Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. "That's his problem."

Loiseau initially was slated to fight John Salter as an injury replacement at UFC 113 in Montreal, but his fight license was delayed when the the Quebec Athletic Commission had concerns over the sale of his regional MMA promotion to individuals with possible mob ties.

After the police interview, Loiseau told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) the commission realized "real quick" that he is not a crook. He said the media then blew the situation out of proportion. Fortunately, UFC officials realized the claims were baseless and found him a spot on the UFC 115 card.

But Loiseau (19-10 MMA, 4-5 UFC), who hasn't won a UFC fight in nearly five years, sputtered as Miranda (10-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC) scored takedowns with ease. A ground-and-pound onslaught eventually led the Brazilian to a second-round TKO victory over Loiseau, whose prolific striking once made him one of the UFC's most popular fighters from 2004-2005.

So will this latest loss result in Loiseau's fourth career UFC release?

"Who knows?" an obviously disappointed White said. "I'm sure (UFC matchmaker) Joe (Silva) is probably going to cut him after this fight, and David will probably have to work his way back up again.

"He's been around the game a long time, like I said, but he keeps getting dominated on the ground."

Loiseau's pro career has spanned 10 years and nine UFC fights, so it's easy to forget he's just 30 years old. And while he's likely to find himself back on the Canadian fight circuit after his loss, he knows he may find additional opportunities in the future.

"There's no such thing as a last chance," he said.

F#¤%... Although Loiseau lost, he has a pretty good fanbase, so commercially it would not be unwise to give him a second shot in my opinion.
Don't want to sound like a sore loser, but at the weigh-ins my first thought was Miranda looked jacked...

Somebody please tell me, where I can watch the fight!

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Loiseau just isn't that great of a fighter. He might keep getting re-signed for Canadian undercards but I doubt he can get back to decent status.

Unfortunatly, I did not see the fight, so it is obviously harder for me to judge, whether he deserves a second chance or not.

How did he look and do you know, where it is possible to watch the fight?
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