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"Ok guys, I've spent a little time getting together a
fighting organisation over at makesportmma. (my organisation
is called The Gathering, plz join it)
Makesportmma is basically a website that allows people to go
on it and create their own fantasy fight promotions. It's
not based on roleplaying or luck or picking a set of skills
or anything, it's solely based on making the right
predictions to real life Fight Cards.

What happens is a fantasy fight card is made and it is based
on a real life fight card. Fighter A is pit against Fighter
B on the card. Both guys make their predictions for real
life fight cards, and whoever predicted more correctly wins
the fight. The bigger slope you win by, the better the way
your fighter wins, so instead of a Split Decision, you could
get maybe a 1st Round KO if you predicted that much better
than your opponent.

It's really fun, there are weight divisions, championship
titles, tournaments, ect.

All you need to do is go to http://www.makesportmma.com, and
register for an account. Once you create an account, you'll
get the option to create a fighter, do so. Then you log in
on your fighter's account, and look for a promotion to join.
Scroll down until you find The Gathering, join, and that's
it, your in. Then take awhile to look around and get
familiar with the website. There are alot of cool options
you can play with." :thumbsup:
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