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Split said:
wtf is that? u have a video of that? Most dangerous move is Mark Hunt's "atomic butt drop"(Couture's description) :D . If he ever lands that...

seriously, flying knee, and unlike most dangerous moves, its relativly easier to do(rnc, u have to get opponent's back, have an open neck..)...
In their second match Sims is on his knees and Mir is grappling him and Sims raises up and throws a double axe handle to his back. It was the lamest thing in the entire world and he got knocked out right after that (all you gotta do is watch like the last minute). Like, he had at least semi control until he gave it up to throw the DEVESTATING axe handle smash... TO THE BACK!!!! And then he lost. It was SO LAME and pretty much sums up Wes Sims all by itself.
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