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found this article in, inside MMA Aus.

Fall in west lyn, oregon. patrick sonnen is dying of liver cancer. his son, chael sits bedside making promises. among the last words patrick will ever hear are his son's oath to win a world championship.
"october, 13, 2002," chael sonnen says, the date etched permanently in his mind. "i think about it all the time, for sure."
sonnens voice becomes low and measured.
"It's the only promise i have made to him that i haven't fulfilled."
This is the serious side to sonnen, one of MMA's chameleons.
his self-made image is both inflammatory and contradictory, the All-American boy who will tell a lie to get a laugh. But beneath his often-playfull facade lies a deep well touched by tragedy, doubt and irony.

Beginning in 1996, patrick sonnen drove his son to boxing workouts. after being dropped off, chael trained until his father returned.
"After a while, i realised he was going to the tavern next door," sonnen says.
"sometimes he would invite his friends and lose track of time. it was kinda funny but it made for some long days."
Sonnen had already spent countless hours wrestling. his extended boxing training helped plant the seed for a move into MMA. Sonnen had watched his mentor, matt lindland, move into the cage and decided to follow suit.
His first fight was in front of a tractor-pull crowd at a fairground.
"I thought well it's a fight so i have to get angry," he says. "I wanted to be as hotheaded as possible. i was walking around huffing and puffing-which is all an act. than i got out there and the adrenaline was debilitating. i was exhausted in a minute. i won, but it was a nightmare. i needed two days to recover from the exhaustion."
"I just didn't know how to train or how to peak," he says "i was 29 or 30 before i got that part down. there was something happening mentally, i would be winning and than start looking for a way out."
admittedly, his biggest obstacle was himself, sonnen began his career 5-0, but struggled against elite competition. The low point: a third loss to jeremy horn ant ufc 60. At 14-8-1, sonnen questioned wheather he should continue as a mediocre fighter.
"I was absolutely devastated," sonnen says, "i needed professional help. I've never been Ko'd, Tko'd. I've never been dominated, I've never been thrown down and beat up, I've never been out-struck, I've never been out-wrestled, I've never been out-anything. But somewhere in the 2nd round, I'd check out. I'd start questioning myself. 'Do i have enough energy, can i go on?' Stuff everybody has to deal with, but i wasn't dealing with it right."
Sonnen sought the help of professional sports psychologist Ed Versteeg and was shocked to discover his self-doubt was normal.
"I thought i was weird," Sonnen says. "I used to think i was the only one with a negative voice in his head.

The results where immediate, winning 5 in a row before the filho loss, he is 10-2 since 2006.
"I'm not the same person i was, I have a different mindset."

"something has changed in him" says team quest coach Robert Follis.
"He always had the skills but he is one of the nicest guys i know and sometimes he was a little too nice. I have sparred with him for 10 years and he never hurt me when he hit me. Now he is just laying into guys. He has a legitimate chance to be a champion."

(writing up the second part now)

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"Campaigning never ends, It's a full-time job in it's self."
sonnen knows the pitfalls of politics.
Lindland's unsuccessful bid in the oregon senate in 2008 was documented.
"politics is way worse than MMA, because politics has rules."
Lindland said. A semi-public figure before the campaign, Lindland ran on the republican ticket and was vilified as a right-wing zealot and, falsely as a felon. Sonnen has faced the same criticisms, but in a more intimate way. As a real estate agent, he has been promoting his own personal number in print, billboards, and the internet for several years.
"I am getting calls; 'You right-wing piece of blah, blah, blah,'" Sonnen says. "most of the time they just hang up. They think it's a office phone or something and i think they get flustered when they find out that, yes i answer
my phone. i am a republican, but i don't know how much of a right-wing nut you think i am. I never have a chance to defend myself."

One person sent hate e-mail.
"I wrote back and said that wasn't a very nice e-mail and thats all i said," Sonnen recalls. "He wrote back and starts talking crap and trade, gays in the military, and all this federal stuff. I'm running for a really small district to do what i can do for my community. But I'm thrown in with these evil guys in washington."
Questions about politics put chael in an oratory mode. The news on the day of this interview was gay rights. Admitting he will be labeled by his party affiliation, Sonnen spoke to the subject.
"Why is everyone picking on the gays?" he says in a hushed tone. "If they want to get married, let them get married. Or call it something else. There's this big definition of marrage. These right-wing people are like, 'Marrage is a reserved trust. Let them have a union, but it's the same laws, just different worlds.' Is that really what you're thinking about? Do you know whats going on in haiti? Do you know the real problems in the world? And your complaining about two people who fell in love? What are you talking about? How is that your thing? thats your issue? These people getting married?".


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he has his own amatuer MMA promotion

he once appeared in an episode of LAW & ORDER:C.I

before his rematch with filho, Sonnen e-mailed UFC matchmaker joe silva and said
"after i beat filho, i'm gonna call out anderson, would that interest you or would i be a tool? silva wrote back: "tool"

theres a bunch of other stuff but i couldn't be fucked anymore
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