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With the return of the Chosen One to the Octagon this evening I have to admit that I was shocked to find not one single dedicated thread here.

Then I thought to myself that a mere thread could not possibly contain the outpouring of worship that would flood into it. Even though Rob Emerson (hallowed be thy name!) is "technically" on the UFC roster, perhaps he should have his own dedicated forum?

Then I realized that our humble forum admins are wise indeed to avoid the unholy wrath of Saint Leg Kicker by not insulting him with a mere dedicated forum. Nobody wants that bloodbath on their hands!

So here I am, back where I started, and lamenting the fact that Saint Leg Kicker is not on the televised portion of tonight's UFC Fight Night. I guess he has nobody to blame but himself for his innate ability to move so quickly that even high definition recording devices cannot capture his image and thus being relegated to the under card.

Then again, I am sure it's yet another master scheme of his to provide us all with further proof of his cosmic powers.

EDIT: Forgive me Emerson, for I have sinned. There was an announcement thread of his triumphant return to the Octagon several weeks ago (which I even posted on). I have no excuse for this gross lack of forum skill.

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Oh Rob Emerson Christ this has been done to death a million times. Do you think His Leg Kickingness needs your petty thread? He has already kicked his omniscient leg in to the mind of every human and seen what is there. He knew your thoughts before you even thought them, so this post was a lesson in futility!
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