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This was the pick order at the beginning of the season

1. Nick Ring - pulled out due to a bad knee
2. Kyle Noke - lost badly
3. Kyacey Uscola - lost twice
4. Rich Attonito - pulled with a broken hand
5. Kris McCray (L)- won the wild card
6. Charles Blanchard - taken out with one kick
7. Jamie Yager
8. Josh Bryant
9. James Hammertree - lost twice
10. Brad Tavares
11. Clayton McKinney
12. Court Mcghee (L)
14. Joseph Heinle
Alt. Seth Baczynski (L)

The top six guys all lost or quit due to injury. If Josh Bryant beats Yager than the finals will have 3 guys from the lower half of the rankings.

So the question's are who's going to win this season?

Who are the 5-8 guy getting the contract at the end of the season?

Are we going to have a guy win the comp and have a loss during the season?

And how badly are Chuck and Tito at picking the best fighters.
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