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Alex_DeLarge said:
Does anyone else find it sickening and disgusting that both fights Anderson Silva has had in the UFC they've boo'd him? Honestly, I love the UFC, I love MMA all around, I watch it all, but sometimes these rich silver spooned bastards that get tickets to these events really get under my skin when a very deserving fighter and hard earned victory gets boo'd because their hero gets his ass handed to him...it's just..sickening.

They boo....at EVERYTHING, rather than appreciate MMA in itself and the fact these guys are giving it all for them, they sit there with their hoochie girls they brought, and boo...just revolting.

Silva has shown he's one of the classiest guys in the UFC, he's very respectful to his opponents and is just a soft spoken guy. He shared a water with Leben and even got a CHAIR for someone that was going to interview him backstage. Biggest fight of his life, probably the most memorable fight he'll ever have, and these daddy boys are BOOING him...it's sad.
Its because silva is black..and a foreigner.
******** dont like black foreigners.
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