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IIDX said:
Good idea. I am still a big noob to MMA, but when I first started watching I would get really bored during the ground parts...but as I watched more and learned the technical side of things, mainly from joe rogan's explenations mind you, I have come to appreciate how insanely hard those guys are usually working when on the ground and I really like it.

Same here, I thought the ground game was a bit lame till one Joe Rogan explained it out. And Chuck Norris, dude Im from the Deep South and your sterotypical remark is BS dude at least for me.Not with that said....
I have my favorite fighters I love to watch and root for them all the time. But I wont go around Booing the other fighter because I dint know who he is or cause I dont particularly like em.Its a matter of respect, and thoes lil pissant rich folk who go around booing need to be escorted out and a real fan put into their seats! They need to realize that MMA is not like other sports,the "real" fans and the fighters have more class than any other sport, going around booing is so f*cking disrespectful and tastless. One man beats another in fair combat he should be respected for his skills and shown that respect regardless. Sorry this is so long, im just a newish fan with a huge passion for MMA!
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