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I was thinking the other day, how competitive Thiago Alves would be if he moved up in weight?

would he be a contender or would he be too small? would he be powerful enough to roll with some of the bigger middleweights?

Personally i think he would make a good middleweight even though he is quite short, he is one of the more muscular, bigger built welterweights and could cause some people a lot of problems... a title contender though? im not so sure...

I was just wondering what some of your opinions are on this is, in theory obviously as i haven't heard any rumours of him moving up.

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Benn several threads like this before, but none to well, he has a really short reach, something like 67 or 68 inches. And anything that gets you closer to fighting Anderson Silva is not a good move
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Reach would be his problem. I think his striking would match up with a lot of guys but with a limitation in his main weapon he's best off at WW. For a wrestler it wouldn't matter as much to be a lot smaller in height and reach than everyone else, but Thiago isn't a wrestler.

GSP and Fitch would do well at MW, but they are better suited to adapt to bigger fighters.
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