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I liked Story vs Hathaway. Rick Story looks like a bad guy in a surfing movie. Hathaway looks like an angsty A&F model. There's some macho clinching here, by 2 dudes, who like to FIGHT! Hathaway takes him down and gets mount right away, and Story does a nice sweep. Good lord, these 2 are rolling around like fish. Hathaway is good off his back. Story slams him and almost loses it. This would be a good KOTC main event, and that's not an insult. Story had a nice guillotine attempt in the second round. Story's cornerman cracked me up. Dude was about as honest as you can get. Rogan wasn't a big fan of his work. Hathaway has some nice takedowns, and is pretty relentless. I scored this 29-28 for him, giving the third to Story, though I could've gave him the second, due to the guillotine attempt.. I'm pumped to see him face Diego Sanchez. Close fight, actually.

Stefan Struve is one weird looking guy. About as awkward as you can get. Denis Stojnic is a short, pudgy guy. This is a hilarious fight, visual wise. Struve has some bright red pecs. Rogan and Goldie immediately pick up on it. This is a good fight, and very messy. Struve has somewhat decent guard, though his defense sucks. Stojnic has some sick hammerfists. "He looks like a Big Matt Serra!" says Goldie about Stojnic. I guess. This last 30 seconds of this fight is disgusting...ly awesome. Struve makes a good comeback, gets Stojnic's back and goes for a RNC. There is blood everywhere. Rogan is going crazy. I like Struve's back control. He finally gets the RNC. Wow, what a disgustingly awesome fight. This one, this one, this one.....is for the sadists.

Roli Delgado looks like a Charles Manson version of Gumby. Seriously, dude is just weird looking. I kept waiting for a Charles Manson Pokey to give him corner advice. Paul Kelly is an okay fighter. Not great, but solid, though needs work. Roli did good in the first, completely outgrappling him. Kelly then ends up winning the last 2 rounds.

Goldie calls Paul Taylor "Paul Kelly." Sobotta is a total punching bag for Taylor. This goes on for 15 minutes. I don't mind watching Taylor put on a clinic.

I like Dennis Siver. Dale Hartt looks like someone who works at Starbucks. Siver gives a badass pre-fight interview. Siver has good movement, and it sucks that he got steamrolled by Melvin Guillard. I'd like to see a rematch. Siver attempts a nice armbar, and then finishes with a RNC. Good performance from Siver. Hartt looks like he's dead.

Terry Etim has a ton of potential. Him losing in his last fight will only make him better. Dude is young, had good striking and has food ground skills. Sure, he speaks jibberish, but dude can fight. I liked this, as Buchholz actually hurts Etim and whomps his nose. Etim does a nice armbar attempt. Buchholz is an idiot, though, he just let Terry reverse him. Headkick and some knee's set up a brabo, and it's over. Can anyone translate this guys post-fight interview?

Marcus Davis is scarily obsessed with Dan Hardy. I couldn't stop laughing at the pre-fight package, as it made Davis look like a complete stalker. Davis gets a nice takedown and gets mount. Hardy gets out pretty easily. Hardy's not that great off his back. I scored the first for Davis. Davis has a good body kick. Hardy keeps at a nice distance. Davis jumps in and gets countered. Nasty knee from Hardy, and he pounces. "Marcus Davis has never been stopped in his career!" says Goldie. Rogan quickly corrects him. Davis throws up a nice armbar attempt. Davis gets a takedown attempt. Pretty close round, though you have to give it to Hardy, because of that knee. The third was all Hardy, as he battered Davis, and turned his face into cherry pie. I scored it 29-28 for Hardy, and I agreed with the decision. Close fight. The right guy won, though. Afterwards, Davis refuses to shake his hand. Ah well, back to Dan Hardy's backyard to spy.

Uno vs Fisher was, well, okay. I mean, I liked it, but the decision was a bad one, and uno could've done much better. Seems like he employed the Okami strategy, though I thought he did enough to win the second round. First went to Fisher, second to Uno (Pushed the pace and did more) and the third was definitely Uno's. These judges suck, as they never gave their actual scores, and scored it for the wrong guy. Fisher won by......avoiding. Lame.

Swick vs Saunders was what it was. They do some trash talking on the ground, and then Swick punches his head off in the second round. I mean, to be honest, I was never pumped for this fight, as I really couldn't care less for Swick and felt it was too early for Saunders.

Al Turk looks like an Arabian Mike Whitehead. He simply states that Mirko is just a man. Mirko looks totally bored. He gets tagged a few times by Al Turk. That's not good. They do no damage, though. About a minute later, he runs right into Mirko's fingers, and then gets punched a bunch. Pretty meh.

I just don't find Kongo entertaining. He is about as dull and uninteresting as you can get. Cain has mad potential, and showed that he can take a punch and keep fighting in this fight. Kongo got utterly raped on the ground. What a tooling. Easy, easy fight to score. Nice performance from Cain.

I enjoyed Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin. Was it a great fight? Of course not, but it was good. Wanderlei doesn't look like the Axe Murderer, though he is bald. He moves really slow here. I liked Rich's movement in this fight, and enjoyed Wanderlei catched Rich's body kick and taking him down. Goldie takes a jab at Wanderlei's BJJ blackbelt, by sayng that his last sub win was against Dirty Bob. He even sort of giggled afterwards. Sort of funny, and it's true, Wanderlei's BJJ blackbelt is about as solid as Vitor's. Wanderlei goes for an awful guillotine, and Franklin mounts and then gets Silva's back. Wandy gets back up. Good first round, had to give it to Rich. 10-9. The second round was fun, as Wanderlei clocked Rich and tried to finish him. Geez Wandy, would it kill you to use the plum clinch? Whatever happened to that weapon? He never does it anymore. Wanderlei looks robotic. I gave the second to Silva. 10-9. Wanderlei does hand gestures, but keeps eating shots. Wanderlei has a nice flurry and gets taken down. Rich has Wanderlei's back, and Wandy has his gloves. Wanderlei keeps elbowing Rich. Good last round. Close round, but I gave it to Wanderlei, as he had that flurry. Rich had some pot shots, but Wanderlei actually hurt him.

Judges gave it to Rich. Not a bad decision, actually. Many thought it was terrible. it really wasn't a terrible decision.

Good show, though i'll be honest, it wasn't anything ground breaking. Still, some good fights.

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