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This one smells like turd

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Anyone else hear this BS rumour that UFC bought Pride??? I can only assume it's not true because I've seen absolutly no threads about it
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if that happened Dana white would be announcing it all over the place unless its still a deal in the works or something like that. though I do not think UFC could afford to.. then again the people backing UFC I understand have some deep pockets and friends with deep pockets
I thin it would be awesome if it were true! We would then get to see some of fights we would like to see.........chuck vs. wand
Dana and his casino investors dont have nearly enough buying power to aquire Pride. Pride has the status of like MLB while UFC is still in its infacy....
The closest thing i've heard of this is Dana saying that he could buy pride.
considering pride is a waaay bigger company has waaaaay more $$$ then the ufc , i dont see it happening
this cant be true
Pride is huge. It is way past dana white. He's lucky if he can afford vip ticket's. I hate dana and his arrogance.
There's no way this is true and it probobly never will be. But this would be one of the happiest days of my life, for it would mark the end of all Pride/UFC debates and all would be united as one in perfect harmony.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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