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Found this list online in prep for UFC 115 (another card some people have said will be better than expected)

1)UFC 95 Sanchez vs Stevenson
2)UFC 110 Nogueria vs Velasquez
3)UFC 96 Jackson vs Jardine
4)UFC 48 Payback (Kimo vs Shamrock)
5)UFC 108 Evans vs Silva
6)UFC 54 Liddell vs Horn
7)UFC 70 Nations Collide (Cro Cop vs Gonzaga)
8)UFC 76 Knockout (Jardine vs Liddell)
9)UFC 55 Fury (Buentello vs Arlovski)
10)UFC 88 Breakthrough (Liddell vs Evans)

What r ur thoughts on this list some of them I agree with and others I dont really didnt enjoy 55,70,and 48.And honestly I think 76 should be higher and 95 should be high on the list maybe 2 behind 76.Heres my list of the events I have seen.

1)UFC 76
2)UFC 110
3)UFC 95
4)UFC 106
5)UFC 99
6)UFC 88
7)UFC 59
8)UFC 62
9)UFC 80
10)UFC 85

What are your thoughts

Sorry for the confusion Top 10 Events That Were Better than Expected and what are thoughts on the list and what would ur list be and heres a link.


Dont know how great the site is but the topic interested me (was looking for the UFC 117 poster and this popped up)

Can Any Mod please change the title to Top 10 Events That Were Better Than Expected

To the death George
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Top 10 events that were better then expected. His first sentence gives it away...
i think thats it.

Sanchez v Stevenson card was awesome, main evet wasnt the greatest but all of the other fights were simply amazing, definitely one of my fave events ever. Marquardts 12 hit combo to finish gouveia is one the best TKOs ever.
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