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ok we talked about our normal training what we do on a daily basis, but how do we train for a tournament or match it is obviously very different. Just to give a time table of things lets say the fight is 6 months away, what type of event is it, tournament or single match, style of tournament and match, and how do you get ready for it up until the day of the event

Here is how I train. etc etc

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I would drop a little bit of the time that I spend on my weight training and go straight to cardio. Also, tournaments heavily favor specialists so I might slow down my boxing training and work mork exclusively on groundnpound and submissions. (I draw this conclusion from the 1st 4 UFCs and from competing in a few amateur tournaments)

I definitely think that in a tourney strength is important and useful, as it is all of the time, but endurance really has to be a focus.
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