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I just started a few weeks ago but thus far this is my training! :thumbsup: :thumbsdown:

Monday: Chest, biceps >> warmup jog / sprints
Tuesday: Quads >> Grappling/wrestling then Muay Thai(6-8:30 give or take).
Wed: "conditioning class" @ my MMA school. (includes abs) (no lifting)
Thursday: Shoulders, triceps >> Grappling/wrestling then Muay Thai(^^)
Friday: Back, hams >> warmup jog/sprints
Saturday: "conditioning class" @ MMA school (same as above)
Sunday: off

The first few weeks have been hard since I only played rugby prior its ALOT of learning!(Duh!) So its intense but thus far alot of fun! Anywho I was wondering is about five hours of actuall standup/ground training enough to begin with? Within the next few years what should I keep adding to my knowledge with? Thanks as always!
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