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Hi guys, i'll give you a little background info on me before i ask for your help;

I used to be quite a skinny guy, so i decided to start bulking up, and did so successfully, putting myself in a good proportion, I successfully added a good portion of muscle to my frame whilst keeping fat to a minimum. Then i found MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in early October last year and took a real interest in it, got good fast, and now I'm ready for my first fight, which I have scheduled in the coming October.

I'm happy with my weight, it needs to be kept the same to stay in the same weight class.
I weigh in at 70kg (154 lb's) I'm in decent shape, but missing that extra push if that makes sense .. My diet at the moment is all over the place, and not quite sure how to get it on track. And other than MMA training which i go to approx. 5 times per week I have no other way of training.

So my questions are:
Sport specific, what should my exercise and diet routine be?
Any guidance will be much appreciated, cheers.
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