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Tavares takes it by decision:

Round 1 - Baczynski and Tavares in the cage for round two in their personal saga. Referee Herb Dean in charge of watching for any soccer kicks. Baczynski kicks low three times to open. Tavares misses up top with a left, and Baczynski moves in for the takedown. Tavares reverses and takes top position. Baczynski scrambling to get up, and he eventually works back to his feet. Restart in the center. Baczynski lands a jab. Tavares kicks low, though he slips and Baczynski follows. Tavares pops right back up, but they're in the clinch. Baczynski grabs a guillotine and falls to his back. Tavares pops out, but Baczynski switches to an armbar. Two minutes in, and Baczynski keeps control of the arm. Tavares eventually slides out and moves to Baczynski's back.Tavares can;t get his hooks, but he stays on the back. Eventually, he works the legs in and pulls Baczynski over. Tavares looking for the choke, but Baczynski defends well. Tavares has a body lock and in control of the positioning. Baczynski fires a few right hands backward to Tavares' face. Tavavres continues to look for the choke, but Baczynski lasts until the bell. Baczynski had some solid moments early, but Tavares spent so much time on the back, he takes it on the MMAjunkie.com card, 10-9.

Round 2 - Great flurry by both to open. Tavares jumps up to a guillotine briefly but releases. He backs away and secures Baczynski's body before elevating and dumping him hard on the canvas. Baczynski maintains guard on the floor. Tavres tries to scramble out, and Baczynski looks for a leg. Tavares remains safe and eventually works in to half-mount. Tavares stands up and Baczynski fires off rapid upkicks, but Tavare avoids and pushes back in to side control. Baczynski immediately rolls to his belly. Tavares fires in a few knees and looks for an armbar. Baczynski easily avoids and takes top. Tavares scrambles quickly and returns to top position. Tavares in complete control of the round with 90 seconds left. Tavares lands a few short shots, and Baczynski's face showing the damage as the blood begins to flow. Taares bleeding from an earlier elbow, as well. Tavares working to isolate an arm from the top, and he works briefly into a crucifix. Baczynski does well to avoid too much damage, but it's clearly Tavares' round, 10-9.

Round 3 - Spirited exchange of kicks to open. Tavares hoots in, and Baczynski avoids well. Tavares continues to drive through, but Baczynski backs up to the cage. Tavares grabs the left leg and circles off the cage, pulling Baczynski to the floor. Baczynski sets up in guard. Baczynski's guard high. Tavares postures and lands a right hand. Two minutes in. Baczynski rolling for a kimura, and he kicks his legs up for a slick triangle. Tavres trying to step over and out, though Baczynski grabs the leg to keep it tight. Tavares keeps pulling and pulling, and he finally works free after a few tense moments. Tavares now works to the back, and it's a repeat of round one. This time, Baczynski is able to spin into the maneuver and work free. Back to the feet, and Tavares shoots in. Nothing there, and he's forced to pull guard. Baczynski fires shots from the top. Tavares tries to secure an arm, but Baczynski shrugs it off. Baczynski pushes until the final bell, but he can't finish. MMAjunkie.com sees the final round for Baczynski, 10-9, but awards the fight to Tavares, 29-28. Brad Tavares def. Seth Baczynski via Unan. decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
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