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Camozzi with a UD:

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in charge of the night's second bout. Hammortree takes the center early. A few leg kicks traded by both, and Hammortree just misses with a right-hand counter. Left high kick from Camozzi blocked, but he follows up low. Stiff straight scores for Camozzi. One minute in. Hammortree fires a hard right. Camozzi lands a low kick that catches Hammortree off-balance, and he nearly hits the deck. Camozzi rushes into the clinch and shoves Hammortree against the cage. Nothing there, and they reset. Flurry of kicks from Camozzi. He's chopping the legs and then nails the ribs. Hammortree absorbs the shots and drives in for a takedown. Camozzi quickly bucks him off and returns to the feet. Left straight, then a jab from Camozzi. Hammortree looks a little frustrated. Right hand lands for Hammortree, and Camozzi looks a little hurt, though he may simply be baiting. Into the clinch, and Hammortree lands a nice right elbow to the face. They push off and reset. Camozzi land a right hand that catches Hammortree's attnetion. Flurry in the final seconds, and the best shot is a Hammortree left. Nevertheless, Camozzi was the more active fighter and takes the round 10-9 on the MMAjunkie.com card.

Round 2 - Hammortree again takes the center of the cage. This time he's busier with his hands to open. Camozzi eats a few and moves into the clinch. This time it's Hammortree's back against the cage. Not a lot of action, and Hammortree asks for a break. Rosenthal leaves it, and Camozzi lands a knee as they break. Flurry, and Hammortree calls for times. Apparently he was struck in his left eye. Quick restart. Camozzi shoots in, and he;s breathing heavily as Hammortree shucks off the attempt. Flying knee for Camozzi. Hammortree clinches, and Camozzi lands a few more inside. Hammortree tries to back away, but Camozzi chases and lands more knees. Hammortree must be hurt, but he fires back with his hands and eventually locks up the body and slams Camozzi to the floor. Spirited exchange, and Hammortree sets up on top with Camozzi in guard. Hammortree stands up and throws a few kicks to the legs, but he eventually backs away and asks for the restart. Straight right for Camozzi, who also lands a kick to the legs. Hammortree shoots in, but Camozzi defends. More knees inside from Camozzi. Hammortree showing heart, but he needs to show defense. Scramble in the clinch as time runs out. Hammortree had good moments, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Camozzi, 10-9.

Round 3 - Hammortree opens with a few punches on the money, and Camozzi looks to clinch. This time Hammortree lands the knee, though Camozzi answers in kind. Inside leg kick from Camozzi connects to Hammortree's twig, and we take a small break. Back to action quickly. Camozzi shoots in, but Hammortree defends and lands several short punches while his opponent drives forward to no avail. Hammortree scores again up top with an audible blow, but Camozzi answers with more knees. Camozzi clinches and pushes in. Nothing doing, and he backs away and eats a left hand. Hammortree scores with a mid-range kick, and he's stalking. Traded left hands. Camozzi misses a wild hook, and Hammortree lands with his own. Both fighters look winded, but they're still attacking. Traded shots from both. Camozzi lands another knee and pushes forward. Both fighters firing shots. Camozzi works into the clinch, and there's a stall against the cage. Hammortree tries to trip but Camozzi remains on his feet. Less than a minute. Misses Superman from Hammortree. Camozzi pushes in again, and Hammortree tries for a guillotine on the feet. He drops to the guard with 10 seconds remaining and squeezes tight on the right side. Rosenthal watching Camozzi intently, but he survives. Good fight throughout, and MMAjunkie.com gives the final frame to Camozzi, 10-9, and the fight to him, as well, 30-27. Chris Camozzi def. James Hammortree via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).
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