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Gunderson via UD:

Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal in charge of the evening's final preliminary bout. Pawing jabs by both to open. Clinchwork early. Gunderson lands a knee and tries to drop for a takedown. Holst tries for a guillotine, but Gunderson elevates him and slams him to the floor. Gunderson passes briefly, though Holst reagins guard. Holst has his head trapped against the cage, though he spins and wiggles to avoid damage. Halfway through the round. Holst brings his right leg up to Gunderson's shoulder, but Gunderson pushes it off and slides out to side control. Short left hands come in. Gunderson goes to knee on belly, but Holst transitions quickly underneath until he regains guard. Gunderson tries to slam out of the defense from Holst. Gunderson controlling the positioning, though Holst avoiding damage. Nevertheless, it's Gunderson's frame, 10-9.

Round 2 - Gunderson shoots in early and we're right back in the same position we ended round one. Gunderson slides out to side control, but Holst shows excellent dexterity underneath and regains guard. Gunderson slides out to the other side. Left elbows from the top. Holst wiggles back to guard. Very slick underneath, but no offense. Gunderson looks to pass, and Holst threatens briefly with a triangle. Slow pace on floor. Rosenthal stands the fighters, and it's the biggest applause of the fight so far. On the restart, Holst takes advantage of a flurry to shove Gunderson back and take top position. Holst eyes a side choke but eventually stands. Gunderson tags him with a few rights when he does, and "Guns" puts the fight back on the floor. "Boots" pulls guard, and we'll end the round there. Few shots from Gunderson at the bell, and he takes another round on the MMAjunkie.com card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Touch of gloves to open the final frame. Gunderson opens up the attack with several punches. They mostly miss, and he elects to shoot back in. Holst defends well and spins off. Holst's corner begs him to throw hands. He does, and it works. Gunderson shoots in, and Holst grabs another guillotine. Gunderson elevates him the same way he did in the first, but this time he curiously sets his foe down gently. Holst rolls to Gunderson's right arm for a kimura. Gunderson defending well, but Holst maintains his attention on the hold. Corner begs for him to crank the arm, but Holst can't work it free. Less than two minutes, and Holst's corner wants him to hit a sweep, stand, anything. Holst is down on the cards, but he won't give up on the kimura. With one minute left, he finally lets go. Holst transitions to an armbar, and Gunderson might be in trouble. Gunderson's right arm is the target, and he sits down to keep the pressure off. Holst trying to crank the limb, but Gunderson makes it to the bell. MMAjunkie.com awards the final round to Holst based on the submission looks, 10-9, but sees Gunderson taking the fight, 29-28. John Gunderson def. Mark Holst via unanimous decision
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