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Who should Dana White make Anderson SIlva fight next?

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  • No One, he should get suspended for this last fight

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Their is no reason Anderson Silva shouldnt have knocked his opponent out in the first round, but instead it went 5. But I'll get to that later.

I think, Matt Hughes made Renzo Gracie look like a little girl, would sum up their fight. Multiple times he had to help Renzo up off the ground because Hughes devastating leg kicks destroyed the Gracie and he could no longer stand. That fight was bad. In that fight it sounded like the fans were chanting, "Give Up" to Renzo as he found himself laying on his back looking up at Hughes over and over again . But that was a good battle compared to the final bout.

So here is my first question, what happened to the Anderson Silva who knocked the **** out of Forrest Griffen, (who by the way, one of my favorite fighters) or the guy that killed Rich Franklin twice. Wait, I know what about that time Chris Leben tried to fight him, or Dan Henderson.

Are we picking up the pattern. None of those fights went past the second round. This was a bullshit fight but anyone that blames Maia is a fool. He was definitely outclassed. But by the 5th round he had won everyone over for his heart and the fact he was still trying. Anderson we all know your one of the greatest fights. But when Cassius Clay use to screw with his opponents, he knocked them out and ended the fight. He didnt show boat so much that by the 3rd round he needed to take a nap.

I know Vince McMahon is also very big in Abu Dhabi, but this isnt WWE and you get paid to fight, not pretend. Your check isnt given to you so you can dance around the ring then loose your cardio. Anderson "The Spider" is so good, he should have knocked out Maia in the first round. I get showing off and making it good for the fans, but he fucked up.

He danced like a butterfly, but stung like a bitch. I hope you do go down to 170 Anderson Silva, cause one thing GSP doesnt do is show off. He trains like a professional and if you get a chance after that display, take it serious this time, cause this fight was lame.

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eh there is so many anderson threads why did you not just post in one of them? you talked about hughs too so i cant merge your thread so ehh..

but anyways i liked the hughs renzo fight i thought it had everything that the main fight did not and that was respect and an overall concept of what a mma fighter should be. renzo asking for help up from hughs was just him saying hey this is respect from one fighter to another.

I thought hughs was a bad match up for renzo and think anyone with great takedown defense will pose allot of trouble against renzo let alone someone on hughs level. renzo even admitted in a interview that he himself throws punches like a girl lol

but yeah the renzo hughs fight like some of the other fights excluding the main fight is what i love about mma and are the ones that keep me coming back for more

to your anderson fight stuff in your post, just read the other 654654564 threads about that fight to get my response

dont get me wrong you did a excellent first post on the forum and it was well thought out it is just that a whole thread dedicated to that post was not needed when there is many threads on the subject matter already out there.
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