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Round 1 - Referee Dan Miragliotta is in the cage for the evening's first preliminary card fight. A touch of gloves gets us underway in Montreal. MacDonald paws a jab. Salter rushes forward with a combo, but MacDonald retreats. The pair moves into the clinch, and Salter pushes MacDonald to the cage with underhooks. Knees traded inside, but Salter keeps the action against the cage. Salter finally backs away from the stalemate. MacDonald lands a low kick. Into the clinch again. Salter presses MacDonald to the cage, and we're two minutes in. Salter has underhooks again, but he's unable to take advantage of it. Miragliotta calls for a restart after a brief stalemate. MacDonald lands a high kick and tries to pounce, but he slips to guard and grabs a guillotine. He quickly lets go, and Salter sets up on top. Miragliotta rushes in quickly to stop the fight. Confusion at first, but replays show MacDonald's left leg buckled under him grotesquely on the fall to the floor, and his ankle appears broken. John Salter def. Jason MacDonald via TKO (injury) - Round 1, 2:42.

MacDonald remains on the canvas for several minutes before his leg is placed in a boot and he's helped from the cage. "The Athlete" receives a warm applause from the crowd for the effort.


Round 1 - Referee Phillipe Chatrier in charge for the evening's second fight. A touch of gloves gets the welterweight bout started. Guymon leaps in with two punches, but Yoshida grabs a clinch and pushes him to the cage. Over-under grip, and the pair jockeys for position. Guymon earns the trip and sets up on top. Yoshida backs up to the cage and postures. Yoshida grabs a guillotine on the right side and lies down in half-guard. Guymon throws left hands to the body and eventually passes out to the side. Yoshida holds the grip a bit longer before finally letting go. Guymon delivers a few shots, then stands and grabs a guillotine of his own. His back is against the cage, so there's no room to torque the hold. Halfway through the round. Guymon lets go, and Yoshida pushes him against the cage. Guymon throws knees to the thigh, but the action is restarted in the center when it slows. Two-punch combo for Guymon, and a kick misses high. Guymon throws four punches and a kick, though they're blocked.Yoshida answers with a 1-2. Guymon presses the action, but he walks into a right. Less than a minute. Guymon pushes in but eats another punch. Yoshida falls back, and Guymon throws elbows and punches from top position. Close round, but the late flurry from dominant position earns it for Guymon on the MMAjunkie.com card, 10-9.

Round 2 - Guymon attacks with punches, but Yoshida answers with a Superman punch. Guymon presses in, and Yoshida grabs another guillotine and falls to his back. He can't hold it, and Guymon tries to posture from top. Yoshida scrambles up before any dmage can be done, though he immediately falls to his back looking for the choke again. Guymon again pops up and works from the top. This time he controls Yoshida better for a moment, but the judoka slides out and returns to his feet. Guymon picks a leg and moves it back to the floor, then swings around the back for a choke. Yoshida spins to avoid, but he allows Guymon to mount. Yoshida gives up the back to avoid, and Guymon grabs the rear-naked choke. It looks deep, but Yoshida turns in sets up on top. Guymon works an open guard with two minutes left. Guymon rolls out for an arm, then a knee. Yoshida easily avoids both and maintains to position. Yoshida presses in and passes to mount. He re-adjusts and works into side control. Yoshida working the arm triangle from side control, but Guymon survives and tries a D'arce briefly underneath. Yoshida escapes and remains in side control until the bell. Another close round with solid grappling. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Guymon, 10-9.

Round 3 - Flurries from both to open. Both look a little winded but swinging. Guymon lands a nice right to the body, among other punches, but Yoshida spins off the cage and takes Guymon to the floor. Yoshida pulls half-guard underneath. Guymon stands as Yoshida tries to slide out, but in a slick roll, Yoshida takes the back. Guymon spins out and the pair stands. Two minutes in. Yoshida shoots in, but Guymon reverses the action and forces the fight to the floor. Guymon takes mount, then rear mount. Both hooks in Guymon lands a few elbows to the head that look dangerously close to being illegal. Yoshida spins and works very hard to pop out the back door. Unfortunately, his head is exposed, and Guymon lands several elbows to the temple. Yoshida is spent, but he's surviving. Guymon turns into him and transitions to half-mount. Cross-face, and Guymno slips out to the side. More elbows from the top. Guymon won't finish, but he punches a few more times before the bell and appears to have sealed the result. It's 30-27 Guymon on the MMAjunkie.com card. Mike Guymon def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).


Round 1 - Referee Mario Yamasaki makes his first appearance. Touch of gloves to start. Beltran misses a right as he moves laterally early. Beltran paws a few punches and circles. Hague clses the distance and both land as they move into a clinch. Nothing there, and they reset. Hague fakes an overhand right and shoots. Beltran sprawls against the cage. Beltran pulls away and misses a right. Hague lands an overhand right, but Beltran lands to the side of the head. Beltran still moving laterally. Hague more of a stationary target as he pivots. Beltran lands a 1-2. Hague holds the center and misses a haymaker before moving into the clinch. Hague looks for a single-leg, but Beltran slips out. Beltran quicker, and he lands again. Hague shoots in, but it's unsuccessful again. Beltran lands a combo as Hague covers up and retreats. Wild hooks by both. Hague's left cheek bleeding. Beltran opening up a but and lands another combo. Hague walks way and resets. More crosses from Beltran land. Hague again unsuccessful on a shot. Hag lands a jab that staggers Beltran, but Beltran fires right back. Less than a minute. Both breathing heavily. Beltran lands a combo, but Hague fires back and Beltran staggers away. Bombs traded in the final seconds of the frame, and the crowd roars at the bell. 10-9 Beltran on the MMAjunkie.com card.

Round 2 - Touch of gloves to open the second. Beltran pumps a few jabs. Left hook lands for Beltran. Hague still stalking. Hague with a 1-2 that staggers Beltran, and Hague just misses a massive right hand. Another firefight against the cage before Hague backs away and they reset. One minute in. Beltran lands a pair of combos, Beltran again unleashes a flurry that scores. Beltran's back against the cage, and he's firing back. The pair touches gloves on the reset and Hague walks away to set up again. Both winded two minutes in. Traded lefts. Jab for Hague met with a right for Beltran. Slower pace now, and the two pick their offensive moments. Beltran again the more active of the two fighters. Hague's nose bleeding. He's covering up well, but the replies are slower now. Hague lands a left and wings a big right that misses. Beltran scores with an overhand right. Beltran the fresher of the two. One minute left. Not sure if Beltran has power to finish, but Hague is struggling with his gas tank. Hague lands a stiff jab. Left hook now, but Beltran answers. Right hand and a few jabs for Beltran. Hague trying to fins a homerun shot, but Beltran avoiding well. MMAjunkie.com sees it again for Beltran, 10-9.

Round 3 - Another touch of gloves for the final frame. Beltran with an early combo. Hague lands a punch and again winds up for a big right that misses. Hague scores a takedown, but Beltran immediately up and scampers away. Hague bloodied but still pressing forward. Low kick spins Beltran, and Hague picks him up and dumps him to the floor. Hague postures and lands a few punches from top. Beltran scurries back to his feet and plant a right hand on Hague's cheek. Beltran works a jab and lands a low kick. Beltran with an uppercut. Halfway in. Hague sucking wind but trying to land. Hague with a left to the gut and a nice right hand up top, but he can't move in for the kill. They reset, and Hague lands another takedown. Beltran with a butterfly guard. He elevates Hague, but the Canadian moves into mount. Hague waits to catch his breath then starts winging punches. Beltran rolling to avoid. The crowd goes absolutely insane as Hague fires off punches. Beltran sweeps, and Hague looks for an armbar. Beltran escapes, fires a few punches and moves away. A few more punches by both to end, and the crowd cheers the effort. Not sure if two winded heavyweights can win a "Fight of the Night," but it sure was fun. MMAjunkie.com sees the final frame for Hague, but Beltran takes the fight, 29-28. Joey Beltran def. Tim Hague via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28).


Round 1 - Referee Marc-Andre Cote calls the action. Quick touch of gloves, and Hendricks jabs and lands a low kicks. Hendricks presses forward and Grant fires off a high kick. Hendricks shoots in. Grant throws a knee in defense, but Hendricks gets him to the floor. Grant seated, and he falls back to half-giard. Grant scrambles up to his feet quickly and the pair trades quick punches before resetting in the center. Grant kicks to the body, and chants of "T-J" fill the building. Quick flurry and into the clinch before they back away. Even action to open, and bot fighter look quick. Grant lands a pair of low kicks, and the second catches Hendricks in the cup. He falls to the canvas. Replays show a direct hit. Hendricks takes a few minutes from his knees. He's getting a little coaching from Marc Laimon, so Cote moves him to a different corner. Hendricks takes a few more moments, smiles and returns to action. Halfway through. Both fighters trade punches, and Hendricks moves in. Grant grabs a clinch, but Hendricks dumps him. Grant immediately back up. Traded punches and kicks from all angles. Grant pops Hendricks' head back with a jab. Grant lands knees in a clinch and fires off a 1-2 when they break. Hendricks shucks off a takedown and turns it into one of his own. Grant gets his legs in and kicks Hendricks away before returning to his feet. Hendricks lands, but Grant fires back. Late shot from Hendricks right at the bell, but he apologizes. Action-packed round, but it appeared Grant was getting the better of it, and he earns the frame on the MMAjunkie.com card, 10-9.

Round 2 - Hendricks paws a jab and kicks low. Two punches land up top, but Grant rushes in and scores. Hendricks kakes a shot and lands an overhand. Chants o "T-J" again. Grant into the clinch, but Hendricks gets and arm under a leg and slams him to the canvas. Grant pops his legs p for a submission, but Hendricks slides out quickly. Hendricks stands and tries to pass the legs. He can't and Grant stands. Hendricks lands a punch to the head and a low kick. Pace slowing a bit. Grant moves in with a left, but Hendricks fires uppercuts inside. Halfway through, and Hendricks pushes Grant to the cage. Nothing there, and Grant moves away. Hendricks fires ti the body. Grant catches him with a counter punch and knee, then Hendricks slams him to the canvas with a powerful takedown. Grant turns for an arm, but Hendricks avoids. Hendricks on top, but Grant threatening underneath and keeping Hendricks from attacking. Hendricks stands and delivers a few kicks before Grant returns to his feet. High kick for Grant. Grant remains the more active fighter up to the bell. Close round, but MMAjunkie.com gives it to Hendricks, 10-9.

Round 3 - Early low kicks from Grant, and Hendricks is caught low again. He drops, and Cote deducts what could be a very important point. Quick restart. Traded kicks from both. Into the clinch, and Hendricks does his best Matt Hughes in putting Grant on his shoulder and dumping him to the floor. Hendricks on top. Grant works to guard, and Hendricks chooses to stand. Two minutes in. Grant grabs a Thai clinch and fires knees. Hendricks backs away and throws a combination. Plum from Grant, but Hendricks works the body inside. To the canvas again, and Hendricks is in half-mount. Grant tries to roll out, but he;s forced to pull guard. Hendricks stands again, though he keeps hold of a single leg and Grant takes a seat. Hendricks briefly holds the back on a roll, but Grant spins free. One minute left, and Hendricks postures and throws before backing away. Grant comes out swinging, though the knees seem to be what's landing best. Hendricks absorbs them and earns another takedown. Hendricks appears on his way to grinding out a gutty decision. Hendricks punches from top, Grant from bottom, and the final bell sounds. With the penalty, MMAjunkie.com sees the third 10-8 and the fight 29-27 for Hendricks. Second round was tight, and we could see a draw. Johny Hendricks def. T.J. Grant via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28).


Round 1 - Referee Phillipe Chartrier returns to action. Fighters keep their distance early. Goulet misses on a high kick. Davys holds the center and closes in. Goulet shoots and Davis hits the deck, but the two pop immediately back up. Left hand for Davis.Three-unch combo staggers Goulet, but Davis had retreated. He moves into the clinch, but Goulet looks OK when they break. Left hand again for Davis. Goulet moves into the clinch. Davis grabs a guillotine on his right side and drops to the deck. Full guard, and he squeezes. The arm appears high, and the crowd erupts when Goulet pops his head out. Davis tries to kick Goulet away, but the Canadian presses back dow Davis works to a knee, then his feet. Goulet earns a takedown, but Davis again controls the head and sits up against the fence. Davis scrambles up and keeps the head. Goulet threatens with a takedown, but Davis releases and stays on his feet. Davis fires off a kick, but Goulet keeps it and works the fight tot he floor. Davis kicks him away, but Goulet is immediately back on top. One minute remains. Goulet throwing punches from the top. Davis rolls out for an arm but misses. He still escapes and stands, but Goulet trips him back to the floor. Goulet throwing punches from the top, and the late action may have won him the round. MMAjunkie.com says no, and gives it to Davis, 10-9.

Round 2 - Davis drops Goulet early and jumps on top. Strong ground and pound blows land, but Goulet scrambles underneath. Davis moves to the floor and tries to control his opponent, but Goulet scrambles away. Goulet staggers a but when he breaks. Davis lands a massive left uppercut. Goulet falls stiffly to the canvas. Davis follows with a few more punches to seal the result, but the fight was already over. Marcus Davis def. Jonathan Goulet via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 1:23.


Round 1 -


Round 1 -


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