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What makes a champion?

Is it that they are just better than all the other fighters? The contenders who do anything to get a title shot but fail in taking the next step to claim a belt and rise above all others- are they just inferior fighters?

The champion lives and breathes being challenged but are the ones challenging him worthy to be in that spot?

The champion wakes up every morning knowing that every other fighter covets what they possess. These challengers would do anything, train harder, study film more, work on all aspects of fighting to be able to say they are the best and the dethrone the champion.

But that has not happen...


The long time reigning champ needs to be pushed, he needs to face an opponent that will push him to limits he has previously not faced, he needs to see a fighter that will not back down under any circumstance and rise to the challenge.

A new challenger has accepted that task. He feels that his time has come and that his time is now.

That challenger is D.P.

The champion, ThaFranchise, just smiles and says "Bring it on".

This Saturday the stakes are set, the title is on the line once again. An unbeaten Challenger tries to stake his claim to CPL supremacy and do what no man has done before....

....beat the champion.

Saturday night two warriors will enter the octagon to prove who can claim the right to be CPL champion.

We bring you:

The champion: ThaFranchise vs. the challenger: D.P.

It's time to get it on!!!! :thumb02:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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