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Rothwell by UD:

Round 1 - Yves Lavigne oversees the action. The big boys touch gloves, and it's Rothwell charging forward with punches . He tags Yvel several times, and when Yvel charges back with a big bolo, he gets a quick takedown. Rothwell quickly gets side mount, then mounts Yvel. Yvel reverses and stands over Rothwell. Rothwell quicks the Dutch fighter away and rights himself. He quickly nabs another takedown and passes to side mount once again against the cage. He's trying to pass, but he decides instead to threaten with an Americana. Rothwell gets knee on belly position briefly, and fires down a few short right elbows. Rothwell works for a crucifix and Yvel scrambles up to his feet. But he can't stay there long before Rothwell takes him down and mounts him against the cage. Yvel is sitting up with the wall at his back until Rothwell flattens him out and starts with elbows. Just like Yvel's fight with Josh Barnett, he is struggling from the bottom. Then, all of a sudden, he grabs Rothwell's foot, and we're in business. But Rothwell scrambles out and quickly locks in a crucifix position. Yvel again scrambles out and get to his feet where he tags Rothwell with a left hand. The two are swinging sloppily for the fences, but it's the best moment of the fight for Yvel. Yvel backs off a clinch with a high kick. Rothwell lands a knee in close to end the round. They can't keep this pace up. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for Rothwell.

Round 2 - The two gassed men meet each other at the edge of the cage, and Yvel throws a sloppy leg kick before Rothwell charges in and dumps him to the mat. The former IFL heavyweight easily gets side mount again and punches Yvel's body. Yvel attempts to scramble, but he gets only a moderate respite in re-gaining half-guard. He tries to reverse again and is mounted. Rothwell with a nasty series of right elbows from mount. Rothwell gives up mount and Yvel quickly gets to his feet. The two are leaning on each other, more for rest than position. Rothwell grabs the Dutch fighter's legs once again and dumps him. Yvel reverses and lands some bigs punches from overhead. Rothwell is badly rocked, but he's not giving up. As Yvel postures for a big punch, Rothwell gets up and drives for a takedown. He meets no resistance. Rothwell lands in half-guard and works his right arm. He mounts Yvel easily and delivers another couple of left elbows as the round ends. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for Rothwell for a second frame.

Round 3 - The two quickly spill to the canvas in the opening seconds of the round, and Rothwell is on top once again. Yvel threatens an arm, so Rothwell passes easily to side mount. Yvel attempts to lock up Rothwell's head with his legs, but "Big Ben" stays in side mount. Rothwell works for crucifix, then gets mount. He can't keep it long, though, and the audience boos as the two wrestle tiredly at the edge of the cage. Rothwell leaps over Yvel's guard and works for an Americana. He gives the arm up and postures to throw punches. Again, he traps Yvel's arms and locks in a crucifix. His right elbow hammers Yvel's face. Still, both men are putting on a C-level grappling display at best. Rothwell is completely dominating, but he can't do anything to put Yvel away. And Yvel, a former kickboxer, knows just enough to stymie the action. Rothwell is flinging his right arm down at Yvel to end the final frame. MMAjunkie.com scores the frame 10-9 for Rothwell, which should him the 30-27 victory. Rothwell takes it 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.
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