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Condit by TKO, ref stopped it with less than 10 seconds left...

Round 1 - Kevin Dornan officiates the first pay-per-view fight of the night. A touch of gloves and we're underway. Macdonald catches a body kick and punches on a downed Condit, but then quickly imposer Sondit to stand. He chases Condit again and lands a shot in an exchange before breaking off. Another exchange, and MacDonald gets a slight lead. MacDonald closes distance and gets a decisive takedown. Condit goes briefly to mission control and MacDonald attempts to pass. Condit ties up him again with his leg. MacDonald postures up and then stands. He contemplates a punch before letting Condit up. He charges forward and Condit staggers him with a hard punch. He catches Condit's kick and returns with a hard punch. He catches Condit again in an exchange and rushes in for another takedown. Condit again tries to tie the Canadian up. Macdonald tries to pass but can't get anywhere before Condit scrambles and rights himself. Condit attempts to land knees from the clinch as MacDonald advances but nothing lands. The two break off and trade kicks. Condit with nice cross leg kick combination. Condit with a front kick, then a leg kick. MacDonald's cheek is swollen. MacDonald catches another kick but can't capitalize much on it. MacDonald intercepts Condit and gets a takedown at the bell. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 2- MacDonald lands a punch as Condit charges in. Condit kicks and nearly gets caught with a couple of hooks. Again, MacDonald catches the former WEC champion's kick. He can't take it down, but on another exchange, but when they clash again, he lands on top. He can't do much before Condit scrambles to his feet. MacDonald misses a high kick. Condit with a body shot and a kick to the body shot. Crowd chants MacDonald's name for the umpteenth time. Condit hits a switch off an attempted takedown and nearly gets MacDonald's back, but the Canadian scrambles and takes guard. Condit ties up again with his left leg. MacDonald stands overhead and waits for Condit to get up. MacDonald with a jab. Condit gets fancy with a spinning kick. The two tie up, but not much lands. They tie up again, and MacDonald lands a nice punch combo from in close. Condit tries to shoot, but no dice. It's a completely frenzied fight. Condit takes a jab, then another. Perhaps the pace has caught up to both, because they're not throwing with the same energy. Condit chases MacDonald around with a few high kicks. They end the round when Condit leaps in with a front kick as MacDonald kicks and Condit falls on his back. MMAjunkie.com scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald.

Round 3- Leaping knee scored for MacDonald, then a high kick. The two are swinging for the fences, but it's Condit that seems like he's coming up short. Condit wrestles the action down and lands in MacDonald's half-guard. Condit stands up and strikes down on MacDonald before returning to half-guard and working ground and pound. He briefly takes mount , but MacDonald gets half-guard back as Condit fires away with punches. Condit stands briefly and fires down a punch. MacDonald uses a brief respite to get to his feet. The two trade against the cage before Condit takes it down again. MacDonald looks like he's hit the wall. Condit struggling to pass, but he's doing damage on top. His right elbow is smashing the Canadian up. Condit stands and fires down more punches. MacDonald tries to scramble up, but Condit is all over him. The round is all Condit's at this point. MacDonald's face is swollen badly. Condit stands overhead and kicks at MacDonald's legs before firing down punches and returning to half-guard. With nine seconds to go, referee Kevin Dornan waves off the action. The crowd boos lustily. Crowd chants "BS." Official time 4:53.
Carlos Condit def. Rory MacDonald by TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 4:53.
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