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A long time champion was defeated- a new champion was born but that new champion suffered a training injury in preparations for his first title fight. That injury has opened the door for 2 hungry fighters who only want their just due to a title fight.

For the first time ever in CPL history a interim belt is on the line for 2 fighters that will gain the interim championship and get an instant unification bout with the current champ to settle things to determine who is the real title holder.

sillywillybubba and SigFig have emerged as the top threats to the title-holder- they will fight a full 5 round championship bout to have the honor of wearing the first ever interim title belt in CPL history. After that the winner will be awarded an instant shot at the current champ to settle which fighter truly deserves to wear the one belt.

Ladies and Gentlemen- for the first time in history an interim belt is on the line and the men fighting for are:

sillywillybubba (4-1) vs. SigFig (4-1)

Get your bets on folks- a new title is on the line. :thumbsup:
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