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Everybody wins, Roberts pulled off the SD

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in charge of the night's second contest. Roberts moves forward quickly. A few jabs pawed, and Roberts shoots in. Petz defends against the cage, but Roberts persists and pulls him down. Petz works back to his knees, but Roberts pushes him over. Petz works back up again, and they split. The two circle, and Petz lands a right to the body. Roberts hands a bit low as he eyes the shot. Petz jabs, but it's blocked. Roberts sees the opening and lands a double-leg, though Petz pops immediately back up to his feet. Roberts pressing the action into the cage. Petz has underhooks and remains upright. Petz circles off and presses Roberts into the cage. Roberts breaks the clinch and slides away. Less than two minutes. Roberts shoots in again. Petz defends, but he's pushed down again. Petz looks frustrated as he looks up at the clock. Roberts pushes in and keeps Petz down this time. He looks at an arm-triangle and then shifts to the back. Roberts with both hooks in. Roberts locks the right arm around the neck for the rear-naked choke, though it looks to be on the chin. Petz throws a few punches backward, but he'll make it until the bell. MMAjunkie.com sees it for Roberts, 10-9.

Round 2 - Petz takes the center early. Roberts' hands at chest-level, but Petz can't pull the trigger. Petz does score with a few low kicks. Roberts chasing, and he walks into a punch as he shoots. He looks a bit staggered, but he survives as he clinches and moves away. Roberts shoots in for a single-leg and nearly eats another stiff right hand, though he persists with the takedown and brings Petz to the floor. Petz wraps his left arm around the neck, but Roberts slides under it and again takes the back. Both hooks in again as Roberts rolls to his own back. Roberts working back and forth with the arms under Petz's neck. Petz doing a good job of controlling the arms, and he spins into the moves. In a scramble, Petz takes Roberts's back. Roberts pulls away, and Petz tags him with a combination. Roberts shoots in again with little energy, and Petz tags him a second time. Another takedown from a fatiguing Roberts does score, and he transitions briefly into side control. Petz scrambles up and lands his own takedown, but Roberts secures an arm-in guillotine. Petz again makes it to the bell. Closer round, but MMAjunkie.com still sees it to Roberts, 10-9.

Round 3 - Petz again opens with a low kick. Petz misses with a combination. Roberts stalking, but he has nothing in the standup. Petz lands a right. Petz firing shots that are mostly missing, but Roberts is not really throwing, and he doesn't seem to have the energy for another takedown. Petz lands another right hand. Petz bouncing, and he's circling away as he attacks. Roberts moving in, but he's really just moving into Petz's attacks. Roberts with a low kick, and Petz lands a left hook over the top that connects flush. Halfway through. Roberts finally shoots in, and he bearhugs a single-leg. He sets up in half-mount when they hit the floor, and Roberts delivers several short elbows and left hands from the top. Roberts walks Petz to the cage and throws a few short punches from the top. Petz works his back to the cage and tries to work to this feet. Roberts does a good job of preventing the move. Roberts lifts up and moves into mount. Petz tries to sweep, but Roberts' base is secure. The bell sounds, and MMAjunkie.com sees the late action from Roberts earning him the final frame, 10-9, and the fight 30-27. Petz might have earned the final round with the early standup success, but he won't take the fight. Daniel Roberts def. Forrest Petz via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
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