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Round 1: Trading kicks to start the fight. Left hook from Moraes. Moraes counters a leg kick with a combination a minute in, cracks Cejudo with a left hook soon after. Low kick from Moraes. Cejudo shoots as he takes a low kick, can’t complete it two minutes in. Cejudo tries a head kick. Moraes lands another leg kick with two minutes to go.

Moraes controlling the round with his kicks at range. Another cracking inside low kick and another. Cejudo’s been fighting southpaw for a bit. Body kick from Moraes. Hard left hook with a minute to go. Cejudo trying to turn up the aggression, Moraes meeting him with combos. Another leg kick. 10-9 Moraes.

Round 2: Good trade in the center to start the round. Heavy leg kick by Moraes. Cejudo tries to catch the next one, can’t. Cejudo pressuring more, lands a lead right. Moraes lands to the body, clipped as he does. One minute in. Another Moraes leg kick. Head kick nearly catches Cejudo ducking in. Moraes wheel kick falls short. Another leg kick does not. Both whiff on right hands. Leg kick exchange. Two minutes to go.

Another inside low kick knocks Cejudo over for a second. Cejudo lands a body kick, Moraes tries to answer with punches. Suddenly a right cross dings Moraes and Cejudo’s on the attack. These rights are landing as Moraes slugs it out with him. Sneaky uppercut by Cejudo answered by a head kick. Cejudo still stalking, throwing heat. Nice knee with a minute to go. Moraes electing to plant his feet and trade. HUGE knees by Cejudo. Moraes still throwing with him, eats another knee. He shoots, stuffed. Another knee by Cejudo and they trade bombs. Moraes clips him with an overhand right at the bell that may have hurt him. 10-9 Cejudo.

Round 3: Cejudo still on the advance. He ducks a head kick. He gets double underhooks and takes Moraes to the fence. Moraes circles off. One minute in. Cejudo pressuring, Moraes looking to counter. Moraes takes a finger in the eye. When they resume, Moraes fires a head kick and pops up from a takedown. Cejudo cracks him with an uppercut and unloads knees. Another hard knee. Two minutes in. Moraes ties up, Cejudo puts him on the fence. Cejudo snaps him down with an anaconda choke locked up. It’s not deep enough despite a pair of rolls. Two minutes to go.

Cejudo keeping Moraes on his seat against the fence. He gets on top in guard. Moraes threatens an armbar for a sec, surrenders half guard. Nasty elbows by Cejudo. One minute to go. More elbows and hammerfists and the referee calls it.

Final result: Cejudo def. Moraes by TKO (elbows and punches)
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