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Round 1: Eye comes out throwing right hands. Body kicks from Shevchenko and a right hook behind them. She gets a body lock and takes Eye down into side control. One minute in. Eye regains half guard. Two minutes in. Not much going on at the moment. Eye punching the body off of her back. Two minutes to go.

Eye works her way up against the fence. Shevchenko still has double underhooks, takes her right back down into side control. One minute to go. Shevchenko gets the crucifix, grabs an americana, loses position. 10-9 Shevchenko.

Round 2: More body kicks from Shevchenko, and once Eye starts expecting them, Shevchenko fires a head kick that knocks the challenger completely unconscious

Final result: Shevchenko def. Eye by KO (head kick)
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