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Round 1: Jones flicks out some early kicks. Low kick from Santos. Another one appears to sting Jones. Jones advancing, switching stance a minute in. Low kick from Jones. Santos answers in kind. Spinning attempt, leg kick. Jones with a side kick, catches a body kick, just misses with a spinning elbow. Two minutes in. Santos goes back to the lead leg. Jones tries a head kick. Santos two-piece falls short, leg kick does not. Two minutes to go.

Another two-piece knocks Jones’ mouthpiece out, though he seems unfazed. Oblique kick by Jones. Santos tries to flurry, lands a Superman punch. Jones looks to spin. Jones is ducking his head in and Santos is trying to capitalize. One minute to go. Jones tries to spin, eats another low kick. Jones leg kick. Jones tries a spinning back kick to the head. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Santos buckles after throwing a low kick, tries to flurry. He slows back down soon after. Low kick by Jones. Santos answers in kind. Knee kick by Jones, blocks a head kick. Two minutes in. Jones lands a jab. Santos fires a body kick. Steady pressure by the champ. Santos’ leg appears to give out on him and he falls, eats a shot on the way up. Jones leg kick, lands a front kick with two minutes to go.

Santos to the body. Flurry by Santos just misses. Glancing head kick, low kick lands. One minute to go. Body kick by Jones. Santos falls well short with a wheel kick. Jones avoids a flurry, tries his own spins. 10-9 Jones.

Round 3: Santos still throwing kicks early, moving alright despite a clearly damaged knee. Another glancing head kick. Leg kick from Jones answered in kind. Body kick from Santos a minute in. Flurry connects. Counter from Jones drops Santos, who pops up on the fence. Jones still marching in, tries a flying knee. They separate. Two minutes in. Jones fires a pair of leg kicks. Santos with a pair of inside ones in return, tries a head kick and eats an elbow. Two minutes to go.

Jones lands a spinning back kick to the body. Head kick lands, then a kick to the knee. Body kick. One minute to go. Jones fires a side kick upstairs, eats a leg kick and one to the calf. Another inside low kick by Santos. Jones tries a spinning elbow. 10-9 Jones.

Round 4: Santos opens with another leg kick, fires a flurry when Jones overextends. Spinning back kick from Jones. Wheel kick falls short just over a minute in. Oblique kick lands, then a leg kick. Santos visibly having issues with his left knee, but lands another leg kick. Two minutes in. Jones checks another low kick. Calf kick this time by Santos, slips an uppercut. Leg kick by Jones. Two minutes to go.

Jones spinning back fist goes high. Oblique kick lands. Low kick from Santos, falls short with a flurry. Jones high kick attempt with a minute to go. Jones checks a leg kick and Santos staggers back. Santos still throws and lands to the inside of the thigh, then tries a capoeira kick at the bell. 10-9 Jones.

Round 5: Santos steps in with a hard body kick. He looks like he’s going for broke, lands a looping right. Jones tries a wheel kick, goes back to attacking the lead leg. Low kick by Santos. One minute in. Jones fires a body kick. Santos stumbles trying to pursue. Lead left from Santos, then a 1-2 after a blocked head kick. Body kick lands. Leg kick from Jones. Oblique kick. Body kick soon after two minutes in. Jones checks a leg kick. Lands some of his own. Santos stumbles after landing one of his own. Jones picking off the lead leg, takes a glancing hook with two minutes to go.

Santos storms after Jones, lands a left hand. Jab from Jones. One minute to go. Santos catches a front kick, can’t use it. Santos slips landing a leg kick. Oblique kick by Jones. Santos can’t pursue on his injured leg. 10-9 Santos.

Final result: Jones def. Santos by split decision
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