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Well there is only one more match to be announced, probably a prelim bout. But here is the card from the UFC 62 official site.

Light Heavyweight Championship: Chuck Liddell .vs. Renato Sobral
Forrest Griffin .vs. Stephan Bonnar
Cheick Kongo .vs. Christian Wellisch
Jamie Varner .vs. Hermes Franca
Thiago Alves .vs. Josh Neer
Rob MacDonald .vs. Eric Schafer
Cory Walmsley .vs. David Heath
Wes Combs .vs. Wilson Gouveia
Yushin Okami .vs. Alan Belcher

Honestly, this PPV doesn't look so good and could possibly be the worst UFC PPV ever. UFC 55 at least had Joe Riggs .vs. Chris Lytle and Chael Sonnen and I'd rather see Griffin fight Sinosic then Bonnar in a rematch. The only matches I am looking forward to are the main event and Okamis debut, the rest of the matches are full of cans. Ultimate Fight Night 6 even looks better then this. Diego .vs. Karo, Riggs .vs. Von Flue, and Lister .vs. Sasaki should all be on this PPV instead of TV. Real genius, Dana, real genius.

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Agreed. This card sucks. True.

UFC 63 will hopefully make up for it though.

You know, for a company that wants to make large stacks of money, their strategy is piss poor. C'mon man....with the fight game - you have to put together cards that buyers ACTUALLY want to see. Not put one good fight on each card, then for the next PPV - but one good fight on there...maybe two. No. If you extend things too long...fans will eventually lose interest all together because they'll be tired of waiting. The fans need more marketable, well-known fighters on each card to spur interest.

Nice approach Zuffa. Intelligent marketing scheme you guys are employing there. :thumbsdown:
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