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UFC 64 Unstoppable - Official Discussion Thread.

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A ways away, but the discussion thread is up :thumbsup:
Go Ken :)

Tickets for UFC 64: Unstoppable on Sale Today
Las Vegas, NV – After a seven-month absence, UFC® World Middleweight Champion Rich “Ace” Franklin returns to the Octagon™ to make his third title defense against the seemingly unstoppable UFC newcomer Anderson “The Spider” Silva. With a history of vicious striking and devastating knockout power, Silva has quickly become the most dangerous contender in the UFC middleweight division. Franklin, who remains undefeated in the UFC, will put his belt up for stakes when he squares off against Silva in the main event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization’s UFC 64: UNSTOPPABLE taking place live from Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday, Oct. 14.

Also announced today will be the return of the lightweight crown to the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. Kenny “KenFlo” Florian and Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk will face off at UFC 64 to battle for the vacant lightweight crown, which has been held only by former champion Jens Pulver. As demonstrated by recent pay-per-view events, the UFC has a number of talented lightweights competing in this division, including the return of Jens Pulver as well as Spencer Fisher, Melvin Guillard, Mark Hominick, Joe Stevenson and Yves Edwards.

Rich Franklin (23-1-0) 6’1”/185 lbs., fighting out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is an extremely well-rounded fighter possessing great striking and submission skills. He fought most of his career as a light heavyweight before moving to the middleweight division. At UFC 53, he knocked out UFC champion Evan Tanner to capture the middleweight crown. He made his first title defense against Nate Quarry at UFC 56 winning by first round KO and his second defense against Canadian David Loiseau at UFC 58, winning by decision after dominating “The Crow” through all five championship rounds. Franklin will be facing his toughest opponent yet when he takes on Anderson Silva for his third UFC title defense, but has no plans to let the Brazilian claim his crown.

Anderson Silva (16-4) 5’11”/185 lbs., fighting out of Curitiba, Brazil, is a well rounded fighter with phenomenal striking skills. A recognized fighter in the world of mixed martial arts, Silva made his UFC debut at Ultimate Fight Night™, scoring an impressive first round knockout over TUF1 fighter Chris “The Crippler” Leben. Through the years, Silva has held numerous titles in mixed martial arts and is now looking to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion.

Kenny Florian (7-2) 5’10”/155 lbs., fighting out of Boston, Mass., is a jiu-jitsu specialist with dangerous elbows. Florian recently defeated Sam Stout at The Ultimate Fighter® 3 Finale, and also has wins over Muay Thai Champion Kit Cope and TUF 1 fighter Alex Karalexis. Florian dropped from welterweight to lightweight to fight Stout and is now ready to battle Sean Sherk for the UFC World Lightweight crown.

Sean Sherk (34-2-1) 5’6”/170 lbs., fighting out of Oak Grove, Minn., holds an incredible record, with only one two losses. The first came to Matt Hughes for the UFC World Welterweight title. Sherk went on to win 12 straight fights before losing by TKO in the second round to Georges St. Pierre. Sherk is an excellent wrestler and is one of the pound-for-pound strongest competitors in the sport. He recently defeated Nick Diaz at UFC 59 and now is ready to take on Florian and become the new UFC World Lightweight Champion.

The remaining bouts for UFC 64: UNSTOPPABLE will be announced in the near future.
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I got Franklin and Sherk to win their matches, any ideas on the undercard.
too close for me to call

In regaurds to the rich franklin fight I think it will be one of the best fights for rich in a long time and too close for me to bet on him. I'd like to see franklin pull the win but I don't know enough about anderson to bet on rich..andersons knockout of chris leben was very fast. Leben looked way out of his league on that one.
Kameleon said:
I got Franklin and Sherk to win their matches, any ideas on the undercard.
I think this is one of the fights:

Keith Jardine vs. Mike Nickels

And no...that wasn't a typo. :thumbsdown:
I donno, that wouldn't be a terrible fight for an undercard.

Atleast not as bad as 63's Danny Abaddi fight, he's never won anything and hes still on a ppv! lol atleast Nickles beat Combs (even though combs hasn't won either).

I hope they put Bisping,Grove, Kaleb Starnes, Ed Herman, or Hamill on the fight card, i mean atleast they are pretty good fighters and entertaining to watch.

Edit: i said those names not because i don't know other entertaining fighters, but just because if they put Knickes, and Danny Abaddi on the fight card i'd hope they put the good TUF fighters on it as well lol
It's going to be a great PPV. I can't wait for the Franklin and Silva fight, both very talented. I must say though, I think Rich will come through retaining the belt, although he's gonna get a run for his money. ^^ Agreed with the upper post, I think Sherk will win his fight as well.
im not to sure but i think anderson is going to ko franklin it should end up being a good fight though but id put my money on anderson
My Picks

Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva

Sean Serk vs Kenny Florian
PPV of the year baby.

This has been the only PPV of the year that I'm OVERLY excited about.
Obviously you haven't paid enough attention to the amount of awesome fights that have happened and that are going to happen this year.
TheJame said:
Obviously you haven't paid enough attention to the amount of awesome fights that have happened and that are going to happen this year.
Obivously you didnt read what I said...I said OVERLY excited.

I'm excited for any MMA event.

And there were some awesome fights this year...but not an abundance.

Confirmed/Rumored Fights

UFC Middlewieght Title
[22-1-0] Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva [15-4-0]

UFC Lightweight Title
[29-2-1] Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian [7-2-0]

[10-3-1] Keith Jardine vs. Mike Nickels [3-1-0]

[28-10-1] Yves Edwards vs. Justin James [9-5-0]

[26-6-1] Nathan Marquardt vs. Thales Leites [9-0-0]***

***(could happen at UFN 7 instead)
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I really thought UFC 58: Canada vs. USA has been the best PPV to date, as far as a well rounded card goes. I loved the debut of Mark Hominick and the return of Yves Edwards, Doerkson vs. Marquardt was awesome, and of course St. Pierre/Penn and Franklin/Loiseau were in the top 5 fights this year.
MMA freak said:
Finally a PPV with a different name then the main event since UFC 61. I'm tired of "Hughes .vs. Gracie", "Sobral .vs. Liddell", "Penn .vs. Hughes 2" or something like that. I like it when they put thought into and make it cool instead of naming it after the main event. This PPV looks great. Two title shots in one night, hasn't happened since UFC 56.

And that poster looks awesome by the way. So is Sylvia .vs. Monson at UFC 65 then because I thought it would be at UFC 64.

couldnt agree more.... i was looking forward to seeing st pierre beat hughes but hey...... franklin and silva are 2 of my favourite fighters.... franklin is stronger and more devastating but i love silvas style and his ridiculous accuracy... probably franklin to win but you never count out silva..... one hell of a fight ... cant wait..... and as for tito and ken... yawn yawn yawn!
screenamesuck said:
I'm looking forward to this event more than the hughes/penn event

This is going to be the PPV of the year....I can just feel it.
screenamesuck said:
i'm just trying not to get to hyped up about it because everytime I do i'm dissapointed, like the tito/ken fight and the last tim/andre fight.

I hear that man, less i anticipate the better.

Im not even speculating on this card..... :p
It looks like a good card, I like alot of the fighters and I doubt it will be boring.
wikipedia took off the fight rumor so maybe arlovski wont be fighting
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