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I just received the unsettling news that the embattled UFC 115 card scheduled for June 12 at Vancouver's GM Place is in more jeopardy than ever before. My sources within City Hall have informed me that, according to UFC representative Marc Ratner, negotiations to get the event pushed through are at present going very badly.

The main problem remains the overwhelming paranoia of Vancouver's licensing division regarding legal indemnity, resulting in Tom Hammel (assistant director of the Licensing and Animal Control Division) asking for much more insurance, medical personnel, testing, etc. than any UFC host city has ever demanded.

Another obstacle is that, aside from Vancouver Athletic Commission chair Mirko Mladenovic, none of the sitting VAC members are particularly familiar with MMA, which has led to a reluctance to push productive measures forward and left Mr. Mladenovic's pro-MMA efforts stuck in a similar quagmire to President Obama's attempts to reform American health care.

Mr. Mladenovic has scheduled a meeting of the VAC for this Wednesday in the hopes that he might get the commission to collectively approve the UFC's license application and proposed event date. This would leave the entire issue in the hands of Mr. Hammel, at which I point I would hope that he'd finally rescind his excessive requirements and allow the event to take place. I will shortly find out if my schedule will permit me to attend the meeting, but even if I can't, I'll get the lowdown immediately after it's over and post any new information right here.

I know that I'm joined by many thousands of MMA fans across Western Canada and America's Pacific Northwest in hoping that the VAC does the right thing on Wednesday evening by voting YES for UFC 115.

I thought it was a for-sure thing. Guess not.
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