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I think the UFC is very good at marketing their product in so many ways. I'll mention two here - one obvious & the other more subtle.

Having 4 fights the fans/maybe fans in the future - get to see for free & the last of the 4 the UFC tries to make an exciting fight. Then they cut to Joe & Dana talking about how great the PPV fights are going to be.

Joe in particular always builds up one of the fights like it could be the best fight in UFC history. He is like a fisherman telling other fisherman that they might catch the biggest largemouth bass ever & that reels in a lot of folks who were on the fence about paying the PPV cost.

More subtle - when they put the camera on one of the UFC girls. They are just right for the PPV demographic - & they just show them briefly leaving a lot of young guys with some wild fantasies & wishing they would have showed them just little longer (I'm older than most fans - but I still like that view).


main: 1. chief in size, extent, or importance; principal; leading.

The last 2 fights in almost every PPV are announced as the co-main events. There can't be co-main events. Main event means just that. Not adhering to common sense...they could announce every fight on the card as a co-main event. Or 3 fights as tri main events.


I like the Buffer brothers but I don't like the fact that Bruce I'm almost sure - is compelled by higher-ups to announce the 2nd to last fight as the CO-MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING (again this is an oxymoron - http://www.thefreedictionary.com/oxymoron).

And then to add insult to injury - they always announce the last fight as THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING. What happened to the co-main event of the evening? Ahh - this is the old bait and switch. C'mon UFC = be honest here. Oxymoron's IMHO have the word moron in them for a reason.

The bottom line is that all things considered - this is a very trivial thing that I don't lose a seconds sleep over. But C'mon UFC - do that part honestly - you don't want to drift over into the awful mess they call Professional Boxing.
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