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does any1 have ne of these songs (they have all been used in ufc b4):
(used by)Tito Ortiz on FSN Rock (song)The Dead (artist)Twiztid (album)Mostasteless
(used in)UFC Tapout Videogame (song)Singled Out (artist)Diecast (album)Day of Reckoning
(used by)Murilo Bustamante (at)UFC 35 (song)Wake Up (artist)Rage Against The Machine (album)The Matrix Soundtrack
(used by)Josh Barnett (at)UFC 36 (song)Name of the Game (artist)Crystal Method (album)Tweekend Advance
(used by)Genki Sudo at UFC 42 (theme of)UFC 41 (song)Dying Here (artist)Scars of Life (album)The Soundtrack to the UFC Vol. 1
(used by)Tito Ortiz (at)UFC 44 (song)Let's Do This Now (artist)Korn (album)Take a Look in the Mirror
(used by)Ian Freeman (at)UFC 43 (song)Burn (artist)Stemm (album)unkown
(used by)Evan Tanner (at)UFC 45, UFC 50, and UFC 53 (song)Virus (artist)Frank Klepacki (album)Morphscape
(used by)Tim Sylvia (at)UFC 48 and UFC 51 (song)Can't Feel Anything Paleface (featuring Fate-Al) & Stemm
(used by)Ken Shamrock (at)UFC 48 (song)What You Got (artist)Reveille (album)Bleed The Sky
(used by)Justin Eilers (at)UFC 49 (song)Bring The Fight (artist)Frank Klepacki (album)unkown
(used by)Frank Trigg (at)UFC 50, UFC 52, and UFC 54 (song)Lost Cause (artist)Black Flood Diesel (album)Ultimate Beatdowns Vol. 1 Metal
(used by)Nick Diaz (at)UFC 53 and UFC 59 (song)This Is War (artist)Ill Niño (album)One Nation Underground
(used by)Jeff Monson (at)UFC 59 (song)Versus (artist)The Panic Division (album)Versus
(used by)Ken Shamrock (at)UFC 61 (song)Slayed (artist)Overseer (album)Wreckage
The Soundtrack to the UFC Vol. 1 (the whole cd please)
Ultimate Beatdowns Vol. 1 Metal (the whole cd please)
or any other ufc songs

rep will be added every single chance i can 4ever (since i no they r probably rare)
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