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what do you think of this UFC vs. Pride fight card and who do you think would win

AA vs. fedor
brandon vera vs. sho gun
iceman vs. wandy
tito vs. quinton jackson
gsp vs. gomi
hughes vs sakari
anderson silva vs. dan hernderson
and tim silvia vs. cro cop so he can kick that belt of along with his head

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Fedor would hit Arlovski on that tender chin of his.

Vera is outclassed here. Shogun would tear him apart.

This could go either way. I went with Wandy, because he really could dumbfound Chuck.

I went with Tito. Rampage isn't what he used to be(Don't get me wrong, I still like Rampage). Tito isn't what he used to be either. Don't really care for this matchup, but went with Tito. They'll never fight each other anyway.

GSP is way too massive for Gomi. The reach would be pretty overwhelming. GSP would outmuscle Gomi as well.

Hendo would take Silva down, keep busy, and score a decision.

Um, do I really need to explain my reasons for this last one? Cro Cop by decapitation.

Why I went into all of that I'll never know. Boredom can be weird.

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I wanna see Chuck beat the bricks off of shogun.

I donno why but i dislike Shogun and Ninja alot, i know they are GREAT fighters but i still for some reason think they haven't been tested against guys they dont match up with as well.

I mean come on Shogun vs Randleman? that fight sucked, everyone knew it would end with randleman in a submission.

Id like to see Shogun vs Nog, or Shogun vs Tito Ortiz.

AA couldnt even stand with Fedor let alone roll with him.

The fight i personally would LOVE to see take place is this one.

Gomi Vs Sherk.

Gomis got some superhuman punching power for his size, and he's also got pretty good take down defence.

Sherks got an concret jaw though and has the cardio to push gomi SUPER hard and really test his ground game. I think it'd be an amazing fight.
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