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I am a film electrician working in Louisiana. I have been working on movies here for 3 years and I'm ready to try my hand at a short film. You might have guessed i have chosen MMA as my subject. And that's why I am here. I am huge fan of MMA. I have taken muay thai for about 4 months in between my jobs and I love it. I want to represent the sport on film with the respect that it deserves. Most movies I have seen about the sport are shiny and glossy and do not resonate with me at all. I want to take your blood, sweat, and tears (cliched i know but its true) and emulate that story on film. I find it amazing that you guys dedicate yourselves to a singular purpose, to be the best you can be at what you have chosen to do. Some people find the sport barbaric, but i want to tell your true story. The struggle, the pain, the frustration, and the unyielding fortitude to go through whatever it takes to reach your goal. I want to make something that if you guy were to watch it, you would say "Now that's what its really like!". Not some never back down shit.

So to make it short, I would love to get some stories from you guys about your beginnings. Your current situations. How you juggle work and your passion. I would also like to interview some of you guys through email.

reach me at [email protected]

Thanks for your time guys, hope to hear from you.

All responders will be credited.


ALSO: I am dead serious about getting this short made. I'm not some dude with a digital camera, playing home movies. I am a working professional and I make my living working on film sets. The last movie i worked on was The Expendables. The crew will consist entirely of working professionals. We will be shooting on Super 16mm film, not digital.

thanks again guys.
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