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I love my prowler, its hands down the best piece of equipment i purchased in 2015, heck, maybe the last five years even. Some time has passed since I did my first set of 'suicides' around 14 months ago - which promptly left me puking all over the floor infront of my training partners who laughed initially and then grew a look of terror across their faces as they realised they were up next. (seriously, i know a lot of people talk about throwing up after a workout but this has never happened to me EVER) it was aound the time that the blood stopped pumping so loudly and i could think again, that i realised this piece of equipment, this simple sled, was going to make a beast of me.

Flash forward a painstaking year and a bit of regularly incorporating prowler work into my training once or twice a week and I can say with certainty that it has improved my capabilities as a wrestler and a martial artist. The area of improvement is so vast, meaning across all my dynamics of training, speed, power endurance, stamina, strength...the effect is felt absolutely everywhere and makes those brutal suicides, on Sunday mornings nonetheless, for 40 yards with 80lbs stacked onboard all worthwhile.

If you're looking to get started with the basics of the prowler,its as simple as two methods, pushing and pulling the sled, with varying degress of weight attached to it.

Heavy drags are a must for starting. Take a harness ( i made my first one from 2-inch rope looped through the eye of the sled) keeping the sled around 4 - 6 feet behind you, load it with enough weight that you can move it, but need to build a little momentum to get started, and pull it toward you while walking backward. Remember to lead the walk from the hips and keep you back straight while doing so. Use enough weight that you can make 4 - 6 drags along 25 30 feet. Then when you wake up in the morning with your hammies screaming and your glutes resisting the need to sit on the toilet...you will know its working

Pulling with the harness can also be done facing forward, as the posture is different in this setup, i prefer lighter weight than is used for the reverse drag mentioned above, with focus more on the explosive rather than the endurance side of things.

and finally, everyones favourite, pushing the sled, I say that because thats what me and my crew began with, hechk, its what anyone who ever dreamed of a pro football career and watched "the Program' ever dreamed of... Anyway, this is also best used to build explosive power. Vary your sprint, or 'suicide' length to suit, for a beginner 15-20 feet with enough weight to do 8-10 passes should be enough to send you lurching your lunch all over the floor like i did (and 2 of my 6 other training partners) that Sunday.

You will see results almost immediately, everyone does and a year from now, you will be pleased with your decision to include it into your program. Start with once a week in place of regular cardio or running. IF you aleady do a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and you arent using it, consider the investment into one.

Has anyone else out there used one? I would love for everyone who has to leave there own thoughts, training tips and ideas of their own below.
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