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Vadim Finkelchstein says the agreement was more M-1 fighters fighting on the M-1 Strikeforce show:

"There are certain clauses in that agreement which haven’t been lived up to," said Finkelchstein. "In one of these clauses was co-promotion, and given that M-1 spent a significantly larger amount of money on the first show than did Strikeforce, we would like to see something along the lines of a number of M-1 fighters fighting on the M-1 Strikeforce show, the main show, the undercard, etc."

Finkelchstein said M-1 fighter participation was one of the terms in the original agreement that wasn’t fulfilled.

"Basically, everything’s possible. This (decision) doesn’t depend on us at all," said Finkelchstein. "The ball is in their court. Fedor is in good shape. He’s constantly training to keep his form up. He needs around a month and a half warning before a potential fight and he’ll be able to fight. So the 26th of June is not a problem."

"We are continuing negotiations in good faith with Strikeforce," said Finkelchstein. "We’re not asking for anything other than what we were promised initially. … What we want is simply a 50-50 (relationship). We don’t a repeat of the November 7 show, which for all intents and purposes looked like a Strikeforce show. We want to be 50-50 partners. We want this to be a proper fully fledged co-promotion."
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